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Best menu items from Whit’s Frozen Custard

With locations across 10 states, Whit’s Frozen Custard has a promise that sets it apart: The flavors are made fresh on-site. In addition to having a “Flavor of the Week,” Whit’s also churns its own vanilla and chocolate custard throughout the day. It also offers many quality, fresh toppings to let customers custom-create a unique flavor.

Whit’s is a popular attraction among Ohio University students and locals as it sits at the intersection of Union Street and Court Street. Here’s what we recommend ordering from the menu:

Bobcat ($4.75 – $6.95 depending on size)

The Bobcat is a specialty sundae that is a great go-to at the Athens Whit’s. The toppings on this sundae include brownie bites, hot fudge and chopped nuts. This can be ordered in mini, small and regular sizes and as either a sundae or a Whitser (blended).

Hawaiian Lu’au ($4.75 – $6.95 depending on size)

The Hawaiian Lu’au is another specialty sundae that is a good choice for someone who likes fruit toppings. The toppings on this sundae include pineapple, banana, toasted coconut and macadamia. This can be ordered in mini, small and regular sizes and as either a sundae or a Whitser.

Caramel Apple ($4.75 – $6.95 depending on size)

The Caramel Apple is a specialty sundae that is a great option if you are feeling festive for fall! The toppings on this sundae are hot caramel and an apple topping. This can be ordered in mini, small and regular sizes and as either a sundae or a Whitser.

Buckeye Madness ($4.75 – $6.95 depending on size)

The Buckeye Madness is a specialty sundae for someone who loves peanut butter! The toppings on this sundae are Reese’s Cups, peanut butter and chocolate. This can be ordered in mini, small and regular sizes and as either a sundae or a Whitser.

Root Beer Float ($4.95 for a regular, $5.95 for a large)

The Root Beer Float is a classic treat that customers love. The float is a beverage that is lightly blended with vanilla custard and root beer. Something about the fizziness of the soda combined with the vanilla custard makes for a tasty, sweet drink. It’s offered in regular and large sizes. 

Banana Split ($6)

The Banana Split is a traditional treat that is widely loved. With vanilla custard, chocolate syrup, strawberry, pineapple, banana, whipped cream and a cherry, the different elements of flavor create a unique taste experience! This is a delicious combination that is only offered in one size. 

Shakes and malts ($4.95 for a regular, $5.95 for a large)

Whit’s offers shakes and malts in sizes regular and large. They are made with vanilla custard blended with milk and with one topping of your choice. Additional toppings are available for a small price upcharge at request. A shake that is recommended for mint lovers is a regular shake with mint and hot fudge! 

Sundaes and Whitsers ($4.50 – $7)

Whit’s has a large selection of toppings that can be combined with custard flavors vanilla, chocolate or their weekly flavor. A customer can create their own custom sundae or Whitser. 

Sundaes offer one topping and can be bought as either a $4.50 single scoop or a $6 double scoop. Whitsers also include one topping in the price, and come in four sizes: mini ($4.50), small ($6), regular ($6.50) and large ($7). Additional toppings can be added to either treat for 75 cents each.

The candy topping choices range from M&Ms to gummy worms to chocolate flakes. Nut options include almonds, cashews and pecan halves. Fruit options include red raspberries, blueberries and wild cherries. There is a list of topping options named “Favorites” because it includes popular options like hot caramel, rainbow sprinkles and cookie dough. Refer to the full menu to see all the topping options!

Kids menu ($3.15 – $4)

If you are visiting Whit’s with kids, or you are just looking for a small portion of custard, take a look at the Kids menu! This menu offers junior cups and cones, shakes and sundaes. A great sundae option is the Dirty Worm, which is a sundae with a junior scoop topped with gummy worms and cookies ‘n' crème pieces. 

Custard ($3.75 – $6.25)

If you are seeking a sweet treat but just want a basic cup or cone, check out the custard menu! This menu gives the option of custard (vanilla, chocolate and the weekly) and the different cones that are offered. The different cones include cake cones, waffle cones and dipped waffle cones! Refer to Whit’s menu for the weekly custard option!

Vegan option (can be substituted for custard in the options above)

On the custard menu, it gives the option for the vanilla vegan frozen dessert. This is a dessert made with coconut milk that is great on its own but can also be combined with any of the other options on the menu. 

Smoothies ($4 – $5)

Are you looking for an option that isn’t custard? Check out the smoothie menu! Whit’s has a selection of smoothies that are made with fruit, ice and juice (yogurt or custard can be added). A great smoothie selection is the Pomegranate Sunset, which is blended with strawberries, berry blend, white grape juice and peaches. Size options for smoothies are small, medium and large. 

Coffee ($4 – $5)

Whit’s also offers a menu of coffee treats. Ranging from a classic cup of Joe to hot cocoa to frozen coffees, they have it all! Sizes range based on the menu item, so refer to Whit’s menu for the sizing options of your favorite coffee drink!

Whit’s has a delicious selection of sweet treats that everyone can enjoy. Give one of these menu items a try the next time you visit!


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