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Darn it, Daniel: Why “The Walking Dead” has the worst fanbase

You may be wondering, “How does Darn it, Daniel unwind during the holiday break?” And to you, I say I am never not tense. I am always ready for something to go wrong at any given moment, so I refuse to relax. But how do I relax when I finally do? By watching the undead come and brutally eat people alive. You see, right before break started, I got bored, so I decided to throw on “The Walking Dead.” Today, I will be talking to you about why “The Walking Dead” fans are Bad Fans.

Now, I will admit off the rip that I do think the show is a little slow at times. I also, however, think that the fans are the weakest fanbase out there. At least the ones that quit. 

“The Walking Dead” follows Rick Grimes, a police officer who is shot and wakes up to the zombie apocalypse. Grimes then goes and finds his family and leads his family and a new group to survival. That’s pretty much what the show is. Except for the fact that they also get into fights with other groups and have to survive and find the moral right and wrong in this new world.

So, back to my point about the fans being the worst. At the peak of the show, five million of you wretched fans all left after the Biggest Villain in the show, Negan Smith, was introduced, the leader of a new rival group called the Saviors. Smith had been mentioned repeatedly during the past season without ever being shown. 

Grimes and his group are captured by the Saviors and are held hostage, forced to sit on their knees sobbing and waiting to meet and be punished by Smith. Then, he walks out wearing this cool leather jacket and red scarf while holding a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and says, “Pissing your pants yet?" which is one of the best introductions to a character in all of TV. 

Smith proceeds to tell them that he doesn’t want to hurt them but he can't leave them unpunished for the murder of many of the Saviors. So, Smith informs them that he will be taking his barbed wire baseball bat to the heads of two of the people in Grimes’ group. I don’t know if you’ve seen someone die by a barbed wire baseball bat, but it takes a couple of swings to finish the job. The whole group sits there and for the first time in the show, they are completely powerless to someone. 

Right as he takes his swing of the bat into the camera/head of one of the characters it cuts to black. Then everyone waits six months for another episode and we watch two fan-favorite characters, Glenn and Abraham, get their skulls bashed in. I mean, it is so bad that we see a man's eyeball fall out of his head in front of his pregnant wife. 

That’s when you decide to leave the show. You think to yourself “Yep, this guy is the biggest threat we have seen in this whole show. I’ve waited six months to know who dies from this extremely cool dude and I don’t want to see the huge battle that follows between the main character and the best villain of the series.”

Also, the fans already knew he was going to be the best villain because “The Walking Dead” is based on a comic book that was still running while the show was being made, and all the fans were talking about was Smith, this great villain, and then decided to leave. If that isn’t a lack of commitment to a TV show, I don’t know what is. 

Now I do understand the annoyance of waiting half of a year for an episode, but to leave and never come back? I mean, come on. Watch the show on Netflix. You don’t have to wait for any episode, just watch the whole series years later. That’s what I'm doing. It has taken me four years to watch this show because it is slow and hard to get through, but the payoff is amazing. I will be watching all three spin-offs after watching season eleven. 

Now I’m going to make you all wait like the disloyal fans of “The Walking Dead" for the next Darn it, Daniel. And I swear, if the numbers even slightly drop, you all better have your peeing pants on.

Daniel Gorbett is a freshman at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnist do not reflect those of The Post. What are your thoughts? Let Daniel know by emailing him at

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