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Artist Spotlight: New visual solidifies Twin Hector as an artist

Twin Hector is a Los Angeles-based contemporary artist with a wealth and variety of musical experience behind him, allowing him to foster artistic expertise he is passionate about sharing with the world. One of his recent singles, "SPECIAL," has recently been joined by an accompanying music video that is a perfect example of his talent.  

The artist was born in Dayton, raised in Atlanta and currently resides in LA. His breadth of experience across the country and similar variety in musical influences has awarded him an adventurous spirit that he channels into his music. His influences extend to Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, Drake, Future and Jay-Z, all of whom support their music with classical production. This style is one Twin Hector aims to emulate. 

Although his music is emblematic of the aforementioned artists, Twin Hector also aims to characterize his work with unique lyricism and performing capabilities. The artist is widely recognized for his penmanship, as well as his skills as a performer and record engineer. These talents all come together to create music revolving mostly around love and relationships. 

In addition to his natural and earned skills, Twin Hector has made himself stand out through his work ethic. He has released an album every year since 2020, the first being "Soufside Hector." Since then, he has released "Soufside Hector 2," "No Love Lost" and "What a Time II Be Alive," the latter of which was released in July of 2023. 

"What a Time II Be Alive" is a glamorous and personal profile of the artist's relationship experiences, as well as his internal monologue. A prime example is the album’s focus track, "GENIE," a depiction of a blossoming relationship over the backdrop of a lavish L.A. party scene. These stories are all told through contrastingly icy and lush musicality, as well as a refined and coherent lyrical style. 

Twin Hector’s discography is rich with other examples of his distinguished style. "Loving You is Easy" is a passionate ode to the artist's girlfriend, Blac Chyna, another respected musician. "Attendance" is an exciting listen with an intense flow and a rampaging beat. "For You" solidifies the artist's standing as a smitten, fervent partner and citizen of the artistic world.   

Twin Hector’s latest release and highly anticipated follow-up to "What a Time II Be Alive,"  "Juvenile," dropped in November. The song combines a pop-sounding beat and sound effects with emotional, yet tough lyrics. The song is characterized by a catchy and creative hook, as well as self-aware reflections from the musician. 

Approximately a week before "Juvenile" was released, Twin Hector released "SPECIAL." The song strikes a perfect balance between R&B soundscapes and addictive pop. It is achieved through broken sentences combined with soulful vocals, as well as a drum machine creating the beat. 

The song is a sensual testament to an important relationship, emphasizing the power of a truly passionate connection. “There ain’t nobody I’d choose over you” is an example of the lyrics Twin Hector uses to demonstrate his romance with his soulmate. 

"SPECIAL" is accompanied by a music video that was released Dec. 5, directed by Tai’Yon Hector and inspired by R&B legend, D’Angelo. The video perfectly captures the intimate black and bronzed aesthetic Twin Hector aimed to create through the song. It encapsulates a sweltering and sultry experience, replete with intoxicating allure. The video depicts Twin Hector in a close-up and personal shot, emotionally crooning his R&B anthem and inviting audiences to join in the experience of the song. 

Twin Hector’s discography is one of growth and passion. Especially through his recent work, the artist has proven his ability to be a tender and authentic performer and human, unafraid to bare his soul and turn his emotions into art. His voice is spirited and poetic, collaborating nicely with his distinguished wordplay. The artist encourages being present in the moment and celebrating life and love, all in an exciting and original way. 


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