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Maximalist fashion creates space where self-expression reigns

Fashion is one of the most common mediums of self-expression. From onesies as a baby to the best kicks in middle school, fashion has always been an identifier. It tells the world who a person is and where they fit in greater society. Being true to one's style can be intimidating, especially when social trends drive self-expression. So, when people are outwardly authentic, it can encourage a cultural renaissance toward how people view self-expression. 

Maximalist fashion has seen a boom in popularity. From stacking jewelry, wearing dozens of bracelets and rings, creating interesting color combinations and patterns and layering clothing, people take their self-expression to another realm. Here are some of the influencers whose self-expression is taking TikTok by storm:

Myra Magdalen

TikTok’s Myra Magdalen takes a narrative approach to fashion. This designer's use of surrealism and fantasy tells her viewers the story of who Myra Magdalen is. In one of her videos, Magdalen curated an outfit based on frogs and motorcycles, which amassed over 150,000 views. Magdalen uses layers to create dimension to her outfits. She also uses very unique and interesting accessories including a gas pump purse and webbed-toe shoes. 

Her incorporation of cyber elements into her style is also apparent. The background is covered with keyboards, wires and flip-phones, and her inclusion of headphones with frog eyes in her outfit comes as no surprise. There is a very theatrical sense to her expression of fashion. 

Check out Magdalen's TikTok for more of her fun and funky style. 

Clara Perlmutter

This influencer takes a gentle approach to maximalism. Clara Perlmutter's uses of layering, unique silhouettes, patterns and unique accessories define her style. While she may not brandish many layers, how she uses them emphasizes the outfits. 

In an outfit she showcases on TikTok, her use of layers gives her outfit depth. Her shorts-skirt — yes, you are reading that right — connects at the top, divides in the middle, and connects against at the bottom; is layered over beautiful powder pink laced stockings. A cropped hot pink sweater with holes and fringe is layered over a hot pink netted top. Her outfit is brought together with hot pink sandal heels, giving Barbie realness, light-pink-knitted socks, a pink transparent visor and a pink ruffle bag that takes the shape of a flower. 

Check out more of her unique looks on TikTok and Instagram


This influencer went viral in 2023 for her unique and revolutionary style. #AliyahCore took 2023 by storm, with many publications, like the New York Times, covering the internet sensation's unique influence on fashion trends. 

Arguably one of the people who popularized snow boots, Aliyah has positively affected the way Black alternative fashion is perceived in the public eye. Her Y2K-inspired style shows a more well-known genre of maximalist fashion. 

Alternative fashion has always been known for mixing and matching patterns, using materials, layering jewelry and stacking. Aliyah's alt background makes these pillars of alt fashion her baseline. 

Her inclusion of African American culture makes her style inclusive of her community and brings a flair much needed in the alternative fashion genre. Her use of teeth jewelry, hairstyles from braids to her natural afro and throwbacks to '90s and 2000s Black makeup trends give her a unique place in the maximalist fashion world. 

Check out Aliyahinterlude on TikTok

Sara Camposarcone

This fashionista embodies weird Barbie in the best ways possible: layers, patterns and statement pieces. Those are integral parts of Sara Camposarcone's quirky fashion style. 

She takes on the challenge of styling four-toe boots in a viral video that received 35.1 million views on TikTok. The boots are paired with a light pink transparent camisole, lettuce leaf earrings, baby-head rings and a paperclip purse. 

In an article for Fashion Magazine, Camposarcone introduces her closet to the world. She describes her style as "playful, colorful, bold and nostalgic." She stated that she dresses for her younger self, which inspired her collection of over forty pairs of uniquely patterned tights. 

For inspiration for those who are healing their inner child, check out her many Barbie and Hello Kitty memorabilia that make up a girlhood fantasy. 

Eve Lily 

Sock hop meets the 1950s; Eve Lily gives a modern vintage flair to maximalism. Her use of sweaters, knitwear and vintage silhouettes make for a more subtle maximalist aesthetic. 

In a video showcasing her outfit on the second day of London Fashion Week, Lily wears a white dress covered in 3D daisies paired with yellow and tan cut-out boots. Her accessories make the outfit pop: a headband with stacking flowers, daisy earrings, a lavender trench coat, sunglasses and an orange slice purse. 

Check out this "Maximalist Crazy Cat Lady" on TikTok, which received rave reviews from Vogue.  

Devon John Monfils

This rising icon knows how to make fashion fun. Monfils' 2000s fashion style shows how color can be bold and beautiful. Known for her cosplays and fabulous makeup, Monfils' style is inspired by Bratz and coming-of-age movies.

After buying pink ombre jeans, Monfils styles them with a hot pink fishnet undershirt, a Disney Princesses crop top, pink and glittery platform crocs, a pink belt, pants chains, a pink bandana and a pink fur-lined long coat. Giving the outfit a real Barbie meets Bratz look. 

Monfrils will be someone to continue following, especially with the impact of Monfils cosplays. Her cosplay of the Monster High character Abbey Bominable, daughter of the abominable snowman, has 4.4 million views on TikTok. 

Check out more Devon John Monfrils' unique style and fun cosplays on TikTok

Fashion is a form of self-expression that is constantly evolving. Its evolution has left people in a whirlwind at how fast it changes, but it is never left behind. Taking the world by storm is the essence of fashion, and its fashionistas have proven to carry on their legacy no matter the era. In a time where eras are being debated, it is promising to see innovation starting to take the forefront of the conversation. May maximalist fashion continue to shatter the realms of expectation and carve a new path of freedom for the fashionistas to come. 


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