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The Walking Dead: The ones who live episode 3 review

Warning, spoilers ahead:

Episode 2 of “The Walking Dead: The Ones who Live” ends with Jadis' return, who threatens to kill everyone Rick loves if he tries to escape. The new episode begins "years ago," showing Rick touring a city that will someday be his home after running into Jadis, and emerges as a darker, more plot-driven episode than the first two. 

A familiar face to fans, Jadis first appeared in the original series in Season 7 as the leader of the Scavengers. She is also called "Anne" in the original series, because she tells people to call her by a new name in the Season 8 finale. Jadis also went into the helicopter with Rick when he disappeared in Season 9. This recent episode also references the ​​Civic Republic Military, or the CRM, referring to Rick as a "B" to save his life.

"A" survivors are inspiring leaders who motivate others to fight for their cause. "B" survivors in the CRM are everyday people just trying to survive who are allowed into the community via consignment. The CRM kills "A" survivors, viewing them as a threat and showcasing their true nature as a dangerous group.

The episode transitions back to real time, as Jadis informs Rick that his knowledge of the CRM and its force will be a threat if he leaves. The CRM suspected Michonne as an "A" but still let her in. Rick confronts Jadis, saying she did not threaten him before when he tried to escape. But Michonne and Rick together are a threat, and that is why Jadis changed her mind. 

Michonne found work in the CRM to lay low and survive, but she is in danger if she stays. Rick plans to help her escape, providing instructions and returning her sword to her. Rick tricks her to escape by making her think he will go with her, but it only upsets Michonne, and she does not leave. 

The best line delivery in the entire franchise comes from Rick when he talks to Jadis about how he saved Michonne. Rick believes he has helped her escape, telling Jadis he faked her death and that there would be no need for reprisal. Jadis reminds Rick that she saved him once, to which Rick responds, "You're a hero … with a s--- haircut." Nearly every fan in the franchise has also thought this about Jadis. 

While touring the city, Michonne finds the man who drew the photos of her and Judith. Michonne talks to the man about how the photo of her and Judith has helped her find Rick. He also talks to her about Rick's son and how he could never get the drawing of his son right. This is the first time Rick's son, Carl, is mentioned in the new series. Carl died in the original series in Season 8. 

Command Sergeant Major Pearl Thorne tells Michonne that she is why Michonne was brought into the city. Thorne stands in place of Okafor – who died in the first episode – and enlists Michonne on a mission. During the mission, Michonne disobeys orders and goes rogue with Rick into a walker herd to set off a bomb. Michonne disobeying orders makes Thorne angry and she almost kills Michonne. Rick stops her by stepping in front of her gun. 

Thorne confronts Rick about disobeying protocol and wants to return Michonne to base. While packing their supplies, Michonne spots Jadis speaking to Rick. It looks like it worries Michonne, and Rick yells at her, saying he belongs at the CRM, but she does not. He tells her everything they had is broken and there is no changing that. 

On their helicopter flight back to base, they fly through a thunderstorm. Michonne grabs Rick and pulls him into the storm, falling until the end credits roll. 

This episode finally had a plot focused on something other than catching the audience up on the storyline. It also seemed darker than the first two, showing that Rick has finally accepted where he belongs in the CRM. It was also sad to see him manipulate Michonne into thinking he would leave with her to get her to escape. The look on Michonne's face before she pulled them out of the helicopter said it all about how she felt. 

The only thing that does not make sense in this episode is Thorne's interactions with Michonne, who is known to Thorne as Dana. Thorne is looking for strong military personnel. Why did she want to send Michonne back to base after she disobeyed orders to kill walkers and help complete part of the mission?

It will be exciting to see where the rest of the series goes from here. Will Rick and Michonne escape the CRM and make it home to Alexandria?

Episode 4, "What We," will be released on March 17 and can be streamed on AMC+.


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