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The Walking Dead: The ones who live episode 4 review

Warning, spoilers ahead:

Episode 3 ended with Michonne pulling Rick out of their helicopter because she was angry with how he had treated her upon their reunion. This week's episode began with Michonne confronting Rick about his treatment of her and dropping the news of their son, RJ. 

This was likely the most heartwrenching episode of the series so far. Michonne confronting Rick while pouring her feelings out was an emotional watch. She told him he was acting selfish and that the man she once knew would never treat her in such a way. Rick was more concerned about returning to the Civic Republic Military to complete the mission he started with his old commander, Okafor, before Michonne killed him in the helicopter crash from Episode 1. 

While arguing about returning to Alexandria, the two discover that the helicopter they were previously in crashed into a nearby building, so Michonne had saved their lives by forcing them to jump out early. Michonne was happy to see the crash because the CRM would assume everyone on board died, including them. Because of this, the two of them could return home to their children, but Rick did not want to go with her. Rick encouraged her to return home alone, which only made her more upset. 

The exchanges between Rick and Michonne were unlike any other from previous episodes of The Walking Dead. In the beginning, Rick does not like Michonne because of her involvement with another group in Season 3 of TWD, but their story grows into romance, leading to the new series. Never once did Rick speak to her like he did in this episode, which was a major surprise.

With the opportunity to return home, Michonne storms out of her conversation with Rick. Then, she stood in the hallway outside the door, waiting to see if Rick would chase after her; it was devastating. Danai Gurira gave an outstanding performance portraying Michonne in her frustration and sadness. Andrew Lincoln also did an excellent job portraying a new version of Rick, who has become numb from his involvement in the CRM. 

Rick finally chases after Michonne when another CRM helicopter flies in to blow up the crash site. The two find themselves running to safety, arguing along the way. The audience could feel the tension between Rick and Michonne through the screen. When the two get to safety, they slowly begin to remember their love for each other. Michonne fills Rick in on everything that happened in Alexandria while he had been away, including how she was pregnant with their son, RJ, when he disappeared. 

Michonne even admitted to Rick that she spent a year searching for him and that her journey was stalled after a chlorine gas bomb was dropped, causing many deaths. Rick kept trying to convince her to let him return to the CRM, but she would not take that for an answer. 

Another crushing moment is when Michonne asks Rick what the CRM took from him, and his response is, "Carl. They took Carl." This was the first time the audience saw depictions and memories of his son, Carl.

Rick said he often dreamed about Carl when he first got to the CRM, but then, one day, he stopped appearing. Michonne replaced Carl in his dreams, but she disappeared, too. Hearing Rick tell Michonne how he learned to survive without them was shocking. He told her he knew how to be dead while alive and that if he lost her again, it would break him. 

The acting from both Lincoln and Gurira was something that fans of the series had never seen before. The original series never achieved an Emmy Award for acting, but this may be the episode that wins one for the series. The exchanges between Rick and Michonne put the audience through an emotional rollercoaster, from tension and anger to sadness and empathy. 

The episode ends with a silly interaction between Rick and Michonne while they get away from their hideout. Rick goes to drive the getaway car but realizes it is a stick shift. Michonne jokingly rolls her eyes and laughs while they trade seats. After trading seats, Rick tells her they could do anything they put their minds to. His comment makes Michonne happy, ending the episode on a hopeful note as they begin their journey home to Alexandria together. 

Episode 5, "Become," will be released on March 17 and can be streamed on AMC+.


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