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Perfection and idolization meets reality in Laufey's new single, "Goddess."

Laufey is becoming a household name in the world of jazz and pop. She was the most streamed jazz artist of 2023 on Spotify and recently received her first Grammy for "Best Traditional Pop Vocal album" for her sophomore album, "Bewitched." The 24-year-old Icelandic-Chinese singer-songwriter writes ballads and beautiful arrangements that capture the ears of millions of listeners.

On Sept. 8, 2023, Laufey released "Bewitched." Her light tones and rich voice told the stories of past, present and future relationships with control and ease. She embarked on a sold-out tour throughout the U.S. and gathered an audience full of lovers and yearners each night. She graced the whimsical and intimate stage with delicate vocals and a peek into her true musicianship by playing the piano and cello for specific songs.

She has a gift for connecting old and new. Laufey's elegant optimism and vulnerability show within the music scores and keep her fanbase alive and ever-growing, especially with the use of social media.

Laufey took to Instagram to announce her latest single, "Goddess," from her upcoming album "Bewitched: The Goddess Edition," which will be released on April 26 on all platforms with four additional songs. In her Instagram caption, she wrote, "The most honest song I've written yet."

"Goddess" is truly poetic and insightful. Listeners get a glimpse into her mind and feel the emotional turmoil of a person who fell in love with the idea of Laufey, not the person she was.

The song begins with simple piano chords and Laufey singing to her former partner. She sings the lyrics, "It always goes like this / Could've predicted it / I'm so naive to think you loved me for me." Her soft voice extends the feeling of not being enough and the questions that develop in her mind because of it. This is a powerful tune and demonstrates Laufey's true artistry. 

As the song continues, listeners unravel the emotions alongside her. The beauty and charm of the star she is becomes a blinding factor in her relationships. The repetition of "I'm a goddess on stage / Human when we're alone" explains to listeners that she is still a human behind the music. She's enchanting and sweet but isn't perfect. The bridge is grand and full of symphonic strings and instruments that sweep fans into clouds of daydreams and reality.

Laufey ends with a mighty statement: "I'm not your f------- goddess / I'm no goddess when I'm alone."

"Goddess" is a perfect single that draws a boundary between fandom and real life. It's a testament to patience and understanding that everything is not what it seems. She wrote this with a fire behind her pen. Laufey is unafraid to step into the light and reveal to her fans who she really is. She's a force to be reckoned with.

Laufey's success is unbelievable and remarkable. She will be booked and busy this year with another tour in the U.S. and U.K., a sold-out show at the Hollywood Bowl with the LA Phil (Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra), and a performance at Lollapalooza with the Chicago Philharmonic. 

Pre-save her upcoming album here.


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