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The Walking Dead: The ones who live episode 6 review, series finale

Warning, spoilers ahead:

In the series finale of "The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live," Rick and Michonne single-handedly take down the Civic Republic Military. This episode is packed with flashbacks from the original franchise, adding to the dramatic effect of Rick's anger toward the CRM. Also, the audience finally gets the conclusion to Rick and Michonne's love story. 

The episode began with Rick returning to the CRM, using a fake story about the helicopter accident to make Michonne out to be the hero. However, there was too much dialogue between Rick and the CRM members, making it difficult to follow along initially. While Rick wiggled his way back in, Michonne disguised herself as a soldier to sneak in to find the files on their home, Alexandria. 

The two learned that the CRM planned to blow up cities across the country to be the main group in charge. In a briefing, General Beale asked Rick what the worst thing he had ever done to protect someone was. Rick responded with a memory of ripping a man's throat out with his teeth to protect his son, a reference to Season 4 of the original franchise. 

This scene showcased Andrew Lincoln's acting abilities very well because the audience could feel his pain from reliving the memories. It was gruesome, but it was a strategic way to get Rick to talk about his pain. Hearing Rick relive the memories and pain from the original franchise felt like closure for longtime fans because Rick had finally accepted all the traumatic things that had happened to him.

After being briefed, Rick attacked General Beale and killed him. Michonne found the files on Alexandria and learned the CRM's mission involved children, which chilled her to the bone. She also came across a stuffed bunny while roaming the halls, a haunting image and reference to the pilot of the franchise. 

Rick and Michonne reconnected and quickly realized they needed to destroy the CRM. Rick carried Beale's dead body in a rolling cart to hide it, but it was later used to help destroy the camp. This part of the episode felt rushed, and it was as if the director and writers were hurrying to finish the series. Thorne learned that Michonne, or who she knew as Dana, was alive and tried to stop them from destroying the camp.  

Rick and Michonne used Beale's dead body, now turned into a walker, as a way to set off bombs in the middle of the camp to destroy the CRM's remaining forces. The drama of the detonating bombs showed the downfall of the camp and signified that Rick and Michonne had won. The blow killed numerous soldiers in the surrounding area. Rick kills Thorne, the last person who can stop him from going home, and has flashbacks of taking down prior enemies. It was a nice touch for the director to include, signifying Rick's capabilities. 

What did not make sense was how Rick and Michonne got away from camp, considering they were surrounded by a large walker crowd of dead soldiers in the middle of the CRM. It was written that they left by helicopter and set off for home, but the ending felt rushed. Considering that there was nothing left for Rick and Michonne to accomplish in CRM, though, the abrupt ending can be understood. 

When they landed, Rick reunited with his daughter, Judith, and finally met his son, RJ. A very heartwarming touch was RJ wearing Rick's sheriff hat, a reference to the beginning of the franchise and Rick's son, Carl. 

The connections to "The Walking Dead" through flashbacks, props and costumes made this episode nostalgic. It was much-needed closure for fans, concluding Rick and Michonne's journey of finding each other. Seeing the family back together again made for an emotional finale. 


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