Adele releases first single off her upcoming album 25 and an emotional music video to go with it.

Hello again Adele, it’s good to have you back.

Adele released a music video for the first single “Hello” off her upcoming album 25 this morning, and I am still crying about it.

The singer took three-year hiatus from recording, her last release being “Skyfall” in 2012. However, she proved that this break didn’t affect the fact that she can belt out emotional ballads that will be stuck in everyone’s heads.

The video stars Tristan Wilds from The Wire and is shot in a dark, sepia-toned hue that added to its emotional aspect. “Hello” is already a signature Adele song. The lyrics are emotional; the video is dramatic and the vocals are powerful.

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The song was first teased during a break on The X Factor on Oct. 18, which was an act that made Adele nervous.

“I started panicking when I woke up on Sunday because obviously I had known for awhile that it was going out,” she told BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw. “I thought no one was going to know it was me, thought it was going to backfire.”

The song appears to be about Adele calling an ex-boyfriend that she broke up with awhile ago, but he doesn’t care to speak to her anymore. She sings heart-wrenching lyrics like “Hello from the outside/ At least I can say that I've tried/ To tell you I'm sorry, for breaking your heart/ But it don't matter, it clearly doesn't tear you apart anymore.”

In the album announcement she made on Twitter, Adele said this album was going to be more of a “make-up” album than a break-up album, as she’s previously done. I think it could be confusing with “Hello” giving that the song is directly about a breakup. However, in context, Adele is making amends with both the man she hurt and herself. It’s a difficult kind of closure, to check on an ex that you hurt, but she’s doing it to simply feel better a.k.a. “make-up” with herself.

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Adele told SiriusXM that she waited so long to write music again because she was so busy focusing on her family that she couldn’t put her whole heart into writing songs, so she wanted to wait until she was ready.

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The singer also told Grimshaw that the album 25 almost didn’t happen.

“I did write an album about being a mum but that's pretty boring,” Adele said. “I scrapped that.”

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She added that it was difficult for her to get in the right mindset to make music after she took so much time off from writing songs.

“There was also a period where I thought, ‘Maybe I should just go out on a high. Maybe people have heard enough of me. Maybe that's all they want to hear,’ ” Adele said to Chris Evans at BBC Radio 2. “But you know, I didn't want to come back with anything that people wouldn't like.”


I think it’s fitting that the first song off the album is entitled “Hello” because I feel that this entire album is Adele reacquainting herself with the world musically. Rather than jumping directly into it, she greeted everyone first.


The album will be released on Nov. 20 and is currently available for pre-order.