Episode 3 of 'The Walking Dead' proves anything can happen and no one is safe.


It’s only episode three and The Walking Dead has already slaughtered my emotions and has shattered any trust I have in a TV series for the rest of my life.

I thought the last episode was intense, but this one proved to be the most gut-wrenching, sob-inducing episode EVER. I’m not kidding. I cried harder than I did when Sirius and Lupin and Tonks died in Harry Potter.

Before I get to theories surrounding Glenn’s “death,” here’s a recap of this week’s episode:

Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Michonne (Danai Gurira), Glenn (Steven Yeun) and the extremely dumb and self-centered Alexandrians are running through the woods racing home, with the MEGA HORDE slowly walking (it seems, but they always catch up way too quick) right behind them.

Rick decides he’s going to take the RV (R.I.P. Dale, we miss you) and try to redirect the horde away from Alexandria. He’s talking to Michonne and Glenn before he leaves and tells them all the Alexandrians aren’t going to make it. Well, obviously. This is a little bit of zombie apocalypse philosophy, but any group that leaves healthy people behind and doesn’t know how to fight zombies are at about a 99 percent chance that they’re going to become zombie meatloaf. All this time, the dumb horn is still going off. Just as they are planning, a walker comes out of nowhere and mauls the “blame-Rick-for-everything-guy” in a bloody, awesome scene. Justice is served.

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Glenn and Michonne split from Rick and go to lead the Alexandrians home. They are suddenly attacked by a small gathering of walkers, and everybody — except the OG group, of course  — FREAKS out and goes crazy. Sturgess (Jonathan Kleitman) decides that Scarface-ing his gun is the best way to solve the problem, and hits Scott (Kenric Green) in the leg before he RUNS AWAY ALONE. David (Jay Huguley) gets bit by a walker on the shoulder, and Glenn and Michonne are left unscathed. I mean, how have these people survived all this time? Every single time they get into an altercation with some innocent, unknowing zombies they have a panic attack and end up killing more people than actual zombies. The original group back in season 1 are more adroit in killing zombies then these people. I bet Judith could kill a zombie before these people could, and she’s a baby.

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We then see Daryl (Norman Reedus), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) leading part of the mega horde, which is still thousands of zombies, down the road at a snail’s pace. Daryl decides to help defend Alexandria against the plan Rick and the group already established, and rides away into the sunset on his Harley.

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Then we see the dumb Alexandrians, yet again. David tells Michonne about how he was lost before he got to Alexandria (you still can’t kill a zombie, and you were out in the world?!), and about his wife. Annie, who tripped and fell running away from the horde, INSISTS on treating Scott’s leg. LIKE, LADY?? DO YOU NOT REALIZE A MEGA HORDE OF ZOMBIES IS FOLLOWING YOU RIGHT NOW?

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The group continues on (no Scott, we’re not stopping to fix your leg) and checks for cars they can drive home in. Nicholas (Michael Traynor) notices this is the town where a horrible supply run took place. He left a bunch of Alexandrians and they all died (no surprise there). But, they ask Nicholas to lead the way anyway. They pass Scarface Sturgess, who is getting feasted on by some walkers. Nicholas has some sort of panic attack, and it takes a few attempts from Glenn to have him snap out of it.

They run into a pet store after they see a bunch of zombies coming down the road. Let me tell you about this pet store … it was a total ode to Stephen King. There we skeletons of cats, feathers and other dead things all over the place. No wonder why they came down with a case of bad luck; they’re in the Pet Semetary!

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Glenn and Nicholas decide they are going to burn down a feed store to distract the walkers away from the pet store. Glenn walkies Rick and tells him his plan, all the while Rick is sprinting down the road and slaughters three zombies with a machete stuck in one of the zombie’s backs. Before they leave, Glenn takes out Hershel's pocket watch and stares over it for a while (I teared up a little, no lie). They leave, and Michonne is left with the Alexandrians. They throw a pity party for themselves, and tell Michonne and Heath (Corey Hawkins) to leave without them. Heath gets an attitude with Michonne and she says one of the most badass things in the history of TWD: “No one is leaving anyone behind… Have you ever been covered in so much blood that you don’t know if it’s yours, a walkers … or your friends?!” So badass.

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Rick gets to the RV and the scene cuts back to the pet store. David is writing a letter to his wife saying if she gets this, he didn’t make it. Michonne pretty much tells him to STFU and that he will be fine. All while this is happening, the walkers from the herd are going past the pet store, when all of a sudden, there are noises from the back. I was hoping for maybe a cute dog, or some cats, but no. Michonne opens up the door and two gross closet walkers pop out, and she slices them up katana style. They decide then that they need to leave, and run out of the store. Annie falls, and is devoured by some zombies. The rest of the troupe just stands and watches like:reaction animated GIF

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Glenn and Nicholas search for the feed store, and find it to already be burnt down. They run away, looking for an exit, as the herd approaches. At the same time, Michonne and the group try to climb a fence to get away, but just as David and Michonne are climbing the fence, the zombies grab their legs. Michonne is able to get free (of course) and David is succumbed to the wrath of the walkers. His note to his wife is seen on the ground, as his arteries are shooting out blood from the zombie bites.

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This is where I died. Glenn and Nicholas reach a dead end, and the horde of zombies approach them. They jump on top of a dumpster, and are being clawed at by all the walkers. Nicholas looks at Glenn, and enters one of his panic modes where he doesn’t hear anything. He slowly pulls a gun up to his head, says “thank you,” and shoots himself. As he falls, GLENN FALLS WITH HIM INTO THE HORDE OF THE ZOMBIES. GLENN. OUR FAVORITE HEARTBREAKER, NERD AND LOVER. I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT WAS HAPPENING. I IMMEDIATELY STARTED CRYING. I seriously could not stop crying until halfway through The Talking Dead. That’s how hard this death hit me. It was awful.

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We see Rick in the RV. Suddenly, two Wolves ambush him and almost kill him. But, Rick is a badass and was fine and killed them. He sees three more, and lights them up with a semi-automatic rifle through the wall of the RV. He tries to start the RV, but can’t. And then we see him, completely exposed, as a breakaway of the mega horde approaches the RV. And that’s how the episode ends.

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I cannot believe what happened this episode. The whole time, I was in complete awe. What’s going to happen to Rick? Is Glenn dead? How is Alexandria going to control the mega horde?

But here’s what we really need to talk about: IS GLENN REALLY DEAD? We see him fall, and see zombies ripping out intestines. But, if you look carefully, it seemed as though Nicholas fell on top of him. Will he some how be able to finagle his way out, and live? In The Talking Dead, a letter from one of the producers was read. They said Glenn would return, but was very ambiguous in what way. Will he be a walker, living or seen in a flashback? I don’t know, but he better be alive. I can’t take any more emotions.

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Stay tuned.

Rating: 4.5/5