Consider adding djkhaled305 on Snapchat for your New Year's resolution.

It must be nice to live a day in the life of DJ Khaled due to newly recognized Snapchat stardom. DJ Khaled is a record producer, radio personality, record label executive and DJ. He is widely known for the song “All I Do Is Win” with Ludacris and Snoop Dogg by his side. He is one of the most interesting motivational speakers you will ever come across, putting a spin on everything he says while using Snapchat as his soapbox.

Here’s why adding djkhaled305 on Snapchat could possibly be the best New Year’s resolution you’ve ever made instead of “getting fit” and hating yourself after a week of workouts:

1. “Bless up”

How do you “bless up,” you may ask? DJ Khaled recommends proclaiming it when in or around your Rolls-Royce or even while admiring your bountiful garden of exotic plants and fruits. Those fruits include starfruit and your own personal “Apple Ciroc Vodka tree” to celebrate success. “Bless up” is a versatile motto, as it can be used in mostly any situation whether it be lathering up with cocoa butter alone in a shower or even when finally reaching land after being lost at sea, whatever floats your jet ski. All of those have happened to him through Snapchat. Bless up.