Before school starts, remember to indulge in the small pleasures of being home.

Winter Break is coming to an end, and some students are anxiously anticipating the return to Athens while some are dreading the prospects of another busy semester.

Despite which attitude you side with, every student should bask in the simple pleasures of being home, such as hanging out with your pet or sleeping in your own bed. Here are seven more activities you should do before going back to school:

1. Take a shower without shoes on

Ahhh the simple things in life. If you live in a dorm, undoubtedly one of the best parts of being home is that your own bathroom is not occupied by roughly 20 other people. Cherish one last shower that doesn’t include Old Navy flip flops and having to transport your shampoo down the hall.

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2. Go to Target

Athens is full of great local establishments to satisfy almost all of your consumer needs. However, it lacks the familiarity of a dollar section or a blue raspberry cafeteria slushie from Target. Go to Target and soak it in one last time because the nearest one is roughly 45 minutes away from campus. Whip out your Cartwheel app and wander around for a few hours.

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3. Drive your car

Some students have cars on campus, and some do not. If you are unable to keep your car with you for the semester, let yourself indulge in one last drive before you have to go back to walking up Jeff Hill in the snow.

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4. Watch all those shows you recorded on your TV over break but never got around to watch.

DVR is a gift from God. If you don’t have one at school, or a TV at all, dedicate a day before you leave to lounging on the couch and eating junk all day. Sit back, relax and watch every episode of The Real Housewives and the season premiere of The Bachelor. You deserve it.

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5. Enjoy all of the chain restaurants that you secretly love that Athens doesn’t have.

Athens has some amazing culinary options (cough cough OMG! Rotisserie) but sometimes you just crave fried mac and cheese balls from The Cheesecake Factory, or waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A. Enjoy your favorite not-so-local restaurants while you can, especially if you usually eat at Shively Dining Hall 10 times a week at school.  


6. Do as much laundry as possible

Two words: it’s free.

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7. Empty the refrigerator

Over break, you may have gotten used to having a kitchen with a refrigerator full of food that you didn’t have to pay for and a pantry filled with delicious treats, and started to take them for granted. Well, DON’T. Remember that one period of time in the middle of Fall Semester where you ate nothing but ramen noodles and Kraft Easy Mac for nine days straight? Exactly, now go eat everything in sight.