Music is a huge part of the Super Bowl, so here are some songs to listen to while you’re getting ready for the game.

The 2016 Super Bowl is near, people. It's the real deal.

As many people are aware, the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show is a big deal, especially to the people who don’t care for or know much about football. There have been many memorable halftime performances. No one can forget Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction back in 2004. Or in 2015 when Katy Perry came in on a robotic lion, only to be overshadowed by left shark.

Remember when The Black Eyed Peas performed? The highlight of that performance was when Slash rocked the "Sweet Child O' Mine" guitar intro. Bruno Mars danced his way into millions of homes when he performed "Treasure" during Super Bowl XLVIII. And no one forgets Queen B herself, Beyoncé — who, by the way, will be accompanying this year’s halftime performer: Coldplay.

That’s not really the performer you were expecting, was it? Well, I don’t think anyone was. It’s pretty obvious the only reason the band was chosen is because it is splitting up. What a bummer. Hopefully Beyoncé will help liven-up Coldplay's music for the halftime performance.

In the meantime, you can listen to this playlist, which includes some songs from past halftime performers, to get you ready for this year’s Super Bowl.