Melissa becomes a new suspect on this week's 'Pretty Little Liars.'

Love and jealousy are in the air in the latest Pretty Little Liars episode “We’ve All Got Baggage.” Ella (Holly Marie Combs) and Byron (Chad Lowe) are making plans for their wedding, Hanna (Ashley Benson) has some jealous looks and Emily (Shay Mitchell) spent a majority of the episode being terrified for her life.

The episode begins with an investigation. Hanna, Emily and Alison (Sasha Pieterse) head into Sara Harvey’s (Dre Davis) room, which is completely trashed. That’s not very Sara Harvey-like. But the real problem is that the gaping hole Emily, Aria (Lucy Hale) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) found in Sara Harvey’s closest is GONE. How does someone get rid of a giant gaping hole in a wall?!

Then a maid walks in. The liars hide in the closet — where the hole should be. Emily starts freaking out, refusing to leave until she finds the hole. Well, she does have the most to lose with her eggs missing. Hanna leads the charge out of the room when the maid disappears in the bathroom. Then, Pretty Little Liars feels more like Scooby Doo once again when the maid pulls off her face. Why is this even a thing?


Spencer and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) are together, as per usual, and Caleb is doing his tech thing, as per usual. He corrupted the file revealing Mrs. Hastings’ medical records. He said it couldn’t be traced back. Spencer seems thankful, but all in all, mostly upset because her mom never told her about the illness.

Hanna is later helping Aria’s mom Ella pick out a wedding dress. Ella starts talking about Byron and their love. Hanna mentions that she has yet to set a date or even pick out a dress for her wedding with Jordan (David Coussins) … awkward. 

Spencer later decides it is best to confront her mom, especially because Mrs. Hastings (Lesley Fera) is running her campaign with a platform of “transparency.” Spencer first begins crying because Mrs. Hastings didn’t tell her about the cancer, then she convinces her mom to tell the people about the medical problem.

Alison receives her first text from the new A. The text is about Dr. Rollins (Huw Collins) because he apparently doesn’t know what happened between Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) and Alison that night. Apparently, Alison dropped the bomb that her and Dr. Rollins were a thing, and Charlotte was not too happy.

But of course, Alison is not the only one dealing with threats. Emily receives a box with a baby magazine and a message saying her eggs could be used if she doesn’t cooperate.  The last thing anyone needs is a little baby A crawling around.

Now all the liars now have Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) on their radar because a part of her suitcase is broken — something Caleb and Spencer discovered last episode. A broken suitcase totally equates to being a murderer, obviously. That’s when Hanna comes forward with some relevant information.


Years ago, Hanna was in London at fashion week. While in the bathroom, Melissa walked in, crying and drunk. Wren (Julian Morris) left her and Melissa credits Charlotte for her life being ruined. Then Melissa proceeds to take Hanna’s phone, call Radley, pretend to be Alison and scream at a nurse to put Charlotte on the phone. Back in the present, Caleb is immediately upset Hanna never told him — especially because they were together at the time. But the strange part here is why would Charlotte be so determined to ruin Melissa life from another continent.

Now it’s Aria’s turn to have a little trouble in paradise. So she admits to Ezra that she wrote the next few chapters of his book. Thankfully, he’s flattered. Unfortunately, it’s not so flattering when Ezra (Ian Harding) unintentionally spills the beans to Aria's current lover Liam (Roberto Aguire) about him and Aria once having a thing. Surprise! Liam had no idea.

And then another relationship gets caught in some controversy. While Mrs. Hastings was recording her announcement about her cancer, a story was released about the opposing candidate's daughter Yvonne (Kara Royster). Apparently, Yvonne had an abortion as a teenager but her mother is running on a “pro-life” platform. The story was leaked from Spencer’s IP address — oops. Caleb takes the blame, although this is a total A move. What a gentleman.


Emily is a little too busy fighting for her life to get caught up in relationship drama. She goes to The Two Crows to investigate the phone call that Charlotte received the night of her murder, but there is a big scary monster truck with bright lights trying to run her over. She climbs on top of a shed, finds the murder weapon, puts her fingerprints all over it, drops it and allows whoever was in the scary truck to take it. Way to go Emily. She didn’t even get a peak at the attempted killer. 

The end, as per usual, has a thousand events going on at once.

  • Aria marries her parents, and she and Liam reconcile their love.
  • Hanna decides to call Jordan and set a date for the wedding — he doesn’t answer.
  • Emily concludes it wasn’t Sara Harvey driving the car, which means there has to be another person out there trying to cover up the murder (or probably just frame her.)
  • Then Alison and Dr. Rollins arrive at Aria’s door and ask her to marry them. 

For once, there was some excitement, some mystery and even some wedding cake! The mystery person at the end is flipping through remote control guides and is eating a piece of wedding cake. Was the person in attendance? It’ll probably be a while before that information is ever revealed. 

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Freeform.