Four teenage designers create a six-look collection for New York Fashion Week with a lot of tears and even more hard work.

At this point in the season of Project Runway: Junior, New York Fashion Week is two days away. Each designer had to create a six-collection look in four weeks with a $4,000 budget and now there is no time to spare. In the words of Zachary, “You have as many hours as Beyoncé, so you gotta get it done.”

The winner of Project Runway: Junior will receive a full scholarship to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California, a sewing station by Brother, a spread in Seventeen Magazine and $25,000 cash prize to help launch their line.

After each designer previously showed two pieces to the judges, they all realize how much work they still have to do. Maya is concerned her “warrior in the springtime” collection is too evening. Peytie decides to scrap a look. Zachary is nervous about his finale piece, and Samantha has an unfinished collection.  

It’s anyone’s game as of now, and it’s apparent how much each designer wants to win.

They go to a last-minute Mood visit where Samantha buys a red/orange fabric to add to her color palette. Zachary buys trim and beaded lace, and Maya buys another yellow fabric. Tim says goodbye to Swatch the dog.

They go back to the workroom and Samantha is so overwhelmed. She is essentially finishing four out of the six pieces. Tim comes back in and wants her to mix and match. When she told Tim she has a pair of pants, a dress and three crop tops to make, he gave her a look.

Zachary gets rid of the flowers at the bottom of his finale skirt. He’s tweaking every single garment. Tim tells Maya to “own it” when it comes to creating all evening wear.

The next day, which is the last work day before the show, there is a TV in the workroom, they all fear a twist in their midst. Tim says there is a twist and they all give a collective “nope.” Tim then says it’s a joke — an awful joke — and instead it’s a message from Georgina Chapman, the co-founder designer Marchesa. Chapman says good luck and tells them to enjoy every second of the runway show.

The models arrive and Peytie is the only one who has a good fitting. Maya did not expect how bad the fit was on all of her models. Zachary is also having fitting problems while Samantha doesn’t have a lot of outfits for her models to try on. In between working, Maya grabs the designers to take polaroids so they won’t forget the moment.

Tim is one to make them gather around him as if he were to tell them an wive’s tale. Though the pressure is on for these designers, Tim is one to make sure they realize how phenomenal they all are for making it this far. They group hug as he kisses the tops of their heads.

On runway day, Tim expresses how much of a “nervous father of the brides and grooms” he is for the four teens. Their families and former Project Runway: Junior designers are in the audience.

Hannah Davis steps on the runway and introduces the designers.

As each designer steps out they say a little about what their collection represents as well as a small thank you to their family.

Peytie is about to step up on the runway to talk to the crowd when the back of her beaded garment just pops off. She fixes it in seconds before going on stage — no big deal.