Sure, Ohio University created its own list, but here's the stuff it forgot.

Quick! Print this webpage. The Post's staff has compiled this list for you — an incoming freshman — so you won't be stranded on campus without some crucial accessories for dorm life. 

Sure, Ohio University created its own page with some must-brings, but here's the stuff they forgot:

  • Shower shoes: Though people’s germ tolerances vary, for most it’s a good idea to bring a pair of flip-flops to wear in the dorms’ communal showers.
  • At least two pillows: What kind of monster uses only one?
  • A year’s worth of razors: You will absolutely never remember to buy razors at the market or the CVS uptown. Save yourself the hassle and buy in bulk while you still can.
  • Anything from Trader Joe’s: Trader Joe’s is a magical void you’ll be denied of for your entire existence in Athens. Stock up on cookie butter now.
  • String lights: Part of you might assume you can live without string lights, but they’re the pièce de résistance of every college dorm room.
  • Speakers: Your measly laptop speakers aren’t going to cut it. Invest in some quality Bluetooth speakers with your graduation party money.
  • Plenty of socks: Sounds obvious, but halfway through your first semester, you’ll be wondering why you only have three pairs left.
  • Formal clothes: You don’t think you will need them, but you will at least once. Bring a suit or a formal dress.
  • A Swiffer sweeper: Not only is it good at picking up hair and dust from the tile floors, but it can also double as a spider-killing tool.
  • Scissors: Seriously, you will have a clothes tag you can’t rip off and will be super upset if you don’t have scissors.
  • Hangers: These are obvious, yes, but so many people forget to bring them.
  • Can opener: It is not something you will use all the time, but if you buy soup from the markets or your roommate from Cincinnati brings back Skyline Chili, you will find yourself frantically searching for one.
  • Power strip(s): There are only so many outlets to plug in your microwave, mini-fridge, phone charger, laptop charger, desk lamp, TV, video games, portable vacuum, electric razor, and string lights. Maybe take two.
  • Anything from Yankee Candle that doesn’t involve fire: Seriously. You’re not going to remember to take out your trash can full of to-go boxes and moldy pizza slices every single day. It only takes a few hours for your dorm to smell like the dining hall dumpsters. No candles, though, for obvious fire-related reasons.
  • Noise-canceling headphones: There’s nothing worse than being kept up for hours by hallmates who can’t keep their conversations to a quiet-hour level. Invest in a pair of these if you want to preserve your sanity.
  • A chair cushion: Dorm room desk chairs are by far the most uncomfortable items of furniture ever created. The chair cushions at IKEA are a steal for about $5. You can thank me later.