Snapchat is a different ballgame in college. These tips should help you adjust.

Ah, the days before Snapchat. When pictures would be sent with the risk of being sent around, found on the internet and, worst of all, in the hands of your middle school enemy.

Luckily, now we have Snapchat, the beautiful photo-sharing app that makes your pictures disappear after only a few seconds. Since those middle school days are gone, and we’re in college now, and we can feel safe sharing whatever we want, right?

Wrong. As you blossom into a college freshman and a young professional, make sure you follow these guidelines to keep it classy and keep your Snapchat follow-worthy.

1. If you plan on adding any professionals as Snap friends, DO NOT post a drunk story. We’ve all seen it: a five minute snap story of someone running around with their friends, being dumb and drunk. And that's going to happen. If you plan on adding any friends like your boss or super tech savvy professor though, DO NOT post drunk stories. Just don’t do it.

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2. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT post pictures or videos of drugs to your snap story. We’ve all seen someone who wants to show off that they’re cool and post a picture of them smoking something illegal to their story. Don’t be that person. Remember, people can look at your stories for up to 24 hours. That could be in class, on College Green or even right in front of your RA. Don’t do it.

3. Use filters modestly. I remember how excited I was when my dorm got its very own Snapchat filter. I used it for almost every picture I took in my dorm, and then got a message from my best friend saying, “Don’t use that filter again, please.” This made me realize sometimes filters can be VERY annoying. If you want to make your Snap story watchable, use filters sparingly.

4. Use the Discover section. Trust me. The Discover section was something that made users confused when it first came out. Was it news? Was it stupid videos? What was it? But after bubble icons from Buzzfeed, Tastemade and ESPN showed up, we started getting hooked. Every college student should have some idea about what is going on in the world. Before you go to bed, tap a few bubble icons and see what you can learn.

5. It’s never a good idea to add random people as friends. You go out one night, and next thing you know you’re adding some random person as a friend. Days pass and all of a sudden, some Snap story pops up, and it’s someone you would have never added in a million years. Keep your Snapchat for your friends and colleagues, but keep out the randoms. You don’t want just anyone to see your snaps.

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6. Add these Athens Snapchat accounts now. Ohio University and Athens Snapchats are the best little gems you can find online. “Ohiousnap” is one where you can see every party, fest, dog and funny moment on campus. They update it frequently, and it will keep you up-to-date with the happenings on campus. Watch the Ohio campus story too. It doesn’t always have stories, but when it does, they’re usually related to something with free food on campus or a cool event. Who doesn’t like that? And finally, add The Post on Snapchat this coming fall. When you need to know what’s happening on campus, especially when it comes to news, Snapchat will be the easiest way to do so.

There you have it. You’re on your way to Snapchat stardom. Just follow these tips, and of course, be wise when it comes to snapping. You're in college now, after all. Happy Snapping!