Websum: The final episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne is both an entertaining and informative way to end the mini-series.

The Walking Dead: Michonne recently wrapped up its third episode, and although it's not the strongest story Telltale Games has ever put together, it does do a decent job of being informative and entertaining.

"What We Deserve," the third and final episode in The Walking Dead: Michonne mini-series, was released April 26 and wraps up the game's storyline. It explains how Michonne comes to the decision to rejoin the main group from the popular television show and how she escapes Norma's wrath within the game.

In my review of the game's first episode, I noted the player didn't really get to know Michonne and that the story wasn't riveting. In the second episode, I pointed out how unusually linear the game was becoming for a Telltale experience. "What We Deserve" luckily fixes all these issues to some degree.

Although the story wraps up on a note not as engrossing or memorable as Telltale's other The Walking Dead games, it does leave the player satisfied knowing how the story plays out. A couple of great player options and twists are thrown into the hour-long finale along with less linear, player-controlled segments, giving it a sense of individuality that the previous two episodes lacked.

Best of all, "What We Deserve" finally lets the player see the real Michonne for the first time. The player sees all the cracks in her foundation rising to the surface and flowing out into the way she acts with other characters. The player finally starts to understand her motives and connect with her, somewhat drawing a parallel to the way that she's slow to open up to others.

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With that being said, the player also learns a lot about supporting characters in a relatively short amount of time. Although the episode doesn't have the time to fully flesh them out, it does round them out a little and make them more relatable, unique and believable.

The shortened story arc from five episodes to three means that The Walking Dead: Michonne feels just a bit rushed by the time it all wraps up, at least compared to its predecessors. But relatively solid storytelling (both in scripting and voice acting) helps the finale feel about as well-paced as such a short story arc could be.

With dramatic deaths, tense, emotional moments and plenty of action, "What We Deserve" ends The Walking Dead: Michonne on a solid, though not perfectly engrossing, note. It ties up the short storyline quite nicely and provides the closure and information that fans of the television series might not have had before.

The Walking Dead: Michonne is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android.

Score: 4.25/5