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Is This Too Niche: Is Saltburn camp?

Is Saltburn camp? Did it redefine the period piece? An homage to Greek mythology and art history? Join Zoe, Jada, and Athens' resident film and camp theory expert Veronica as we tackle these questions and many more in discussing the newest hit movie.


Blue Line Banter: Catch up

In this episode, Cassie and Andrew catch up about everything that went on in the NHL while they were on winter break. From the Oilers and their success to potential trades in the league.

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Is This Too Niche: The Jungle Jim’s Extravaganza

In our last episode of the year, Zoe and Jada dive into a piece of quintessential Ohio Lore: Jungle Jims. Having recently visited the pilgrimage site, Zoe and Jada discuss their experience, the history behind the elusive wizard known as Jungle Jim himself, and host a special guest, the host of the Jungle Jim’s Podcast!!

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The Marching 110-cast: Wrapping Up the Semester

Join Arielle Lyons and Hannah Dickerson as they discuss the final performances for the fall 2023 season with the Marching 110. They debrief the last home game, Varsity Show, and the Palace Theater Show, as well as talk about what's next for the band! Be sure to stay tuned to the very end of this very special episode of the Marching 110-Cast!

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Is This Too Niche: Palestinian History

This week, Zoe and Jada encourage their listeners to take this opportunity to educate themselves on the complicated history that has led to the events unfolding in Gaza at the moment. This episode also serves as a celebration of Palestinian culture, art, and resilience. Click the link provided below for further resources and reading.

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Is This Too Niche: The Salem Witch Trials

This week we are covering the lives of the hanged women during the Witch Trials of Salem, and the cultural impact of them, as well as, in Zoe’s Gallows we discuss a few fictional “witches” and whether or not they perpetuate the stereotypes of the historical “witches.” Tune in to hear the Salem town gossip!

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