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Public Declaration: My Grass is Green

This is Public Declaration hosted by Zoie Lambert. In this podcast, guests say the things they can’t keep bottled up anymore. Though this is not a therapy session, hard breakups, crazy life transitions, or good news is fair game on this show. So listen, as people tell stories that are relatable and remind everyone that they are not alone.In this episode, I sit down with Hannah Campbell and we talk about nervousness and comparing ourselves to others. In the end, we come to the realization that our grass is as green as the other person's.

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This week, Emma and Lauren discuss de-influencing (since they’re always getting way too influenced) and evaluate healthier shopping habits. They also discuss their Grammys predictions and reminisce about iconic YouTube drama.

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Is This Too Niche? The Pigeon’s Past

Tune in this week to learn all about the role of pigeons throughout history. From Carrier to Fancy Pigeons, pigeons have a crazy interesting past! This episode is just Jada trying to get everyone to love pigeons as much as she does.Episode References:

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Lauren and Emma are embracing their wellness eras this episode and talking about their morning and night routines! Stay tuned for their current obsessions and favorites, as well as your weekly dose of trending movies, music and celebs.

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Is This Too Niche? Unpacking the muse

This week Zoe dissects a common art historical motif from a feminist- the muse. Zoe unveils the identity behind the anonymous and elusive muses’ we’ve worshiped throughout art history and discusses how modern feminism plays into the interpretation and reception of the concept of the muse.

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Catching up with Rent Free

For the first episode of What Happens on Court Stays on Court in 2023, local Athens band Rent Free returns with a one-year update of what the trio has been up to since the last time they talked with co-hosts Tate and Hannah.

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Stay Tuned: NEW ERA

Welcome to Season 2 of Stay Tuned!! Emma and Lauren are back (with a slightly new format) to discuss their resolutions and what they consider to be in or out for the new year. Additionally, the duo still dishes on celebrity gossip with commentary about the Tarte trip conspiracy, new Miley Cyrus music and all the movies they watched over break.


Depths of Music: Year End Review 2022

Today on Depths of Music, we finish out the year with a ranking of every single album I listened to in 2022. Join me as we reflect on the best and the worst of what this year had to offer.

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