Three months after dealing with a snack-cake burglar and a doughnut dispute, deputies with the Athens County Sheriff’s Office found themselves responding to another batch of food-related incidents.

On Saturday, deputies responded to a residential street in Trimble after a caller reported damage on their property. When they arrived on the scene, deputies discovered mustard had been “drawn on the hood of a vehicle,” according to the police report. Evidence was photographed, but, with no suspects, the case was closed.

Earlier that week, deputies were called to a reported breaking and entering at a residence in Chauncey, during which “several frozen food items” were discovered to be missing. The scene was photographed and evidence was collected, and the case remains under investigation, according to the police report.

Shots Fired

On Monday, deputies were called to the New Marshfield Fire Station to meet with a man who reported his property was stolen from The Plains earlier that day. Instead of calling police when he noticed property had been stolen, however, the man attempted to locate the stolen items on his own.

While searching for the items, the man went to another residence, where he said he was shot at “several times.” He left the premises unharmed and requested a meeting with ACSO deputies, but, when deputies arrived at the meeting location, the man had left. Deputies spoke with the man later over the phone and were told he did not wish to file a report or speak further about the matter. No further action was requested, according to the police report.

Cutting the Cord

Deputies were called to a residence in The Plains last Wednesday after receiving a report of potential trespassing and criminal mischief. According to the caller, someone had trespassed on their property, severing their internet cable in the process.

The caller, who said they had not seen the person who cut the cable, was advised on options available if they were to see someone on their property. With no known suspects, the case was closed.

Love Thy Neighbor

On Saturday, deputies responded to a road near Stroud’s Run State Park after receiving a report of criminal damaging. The complainant told deputies a neighbor’s friend had caused “significant” damage to her vehicle the previous night and had thrown rocks at her residence, damaging it as well.

The suspect was located, issued a summons to court and charged with criminal mischief, according to the report.

Two days later, deputies received a report of property damage on a street in The Plains. According to the property owner, a tenant had “struck the garage with a car” earlier in the day after making a number of threats toward her within the previous few days. According to the police report, the incident remains under investigation.


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