From the moment he stepped out of the limo speaking Spanish to getting down on one knee, it was clear Bryan would be on The Bachelorette for the long haul. After saying an emotional and confusing goodbye to Peter, Rachel's final man was the smooth-taking, chiseled Miamian. He picked out a ring from Neil Lane, got down on one knee and proclaimed his love with a proposal. But how did Bryan make it so far when Rachel had doubts about his seemingly perfect personality? Here is Bryan’s journey to the final rose.

He made a great first impression

When Bryan arrived at Bachelor Mansion, he stepped out of the limo speaking Spanish, which had every viewer swooning. He even got the first kiss. Bryan is a guy who knows what he wants, and it was clear from the beginning that he wanted Rachel.

His confidence and charming personality earned him the coveted first impression rose. The rose means a lot on The Bachelorette. JoJo Fletcher gave her first impression rose to now-finacé Jordan Rodgers, and Kaitlyn Bristowe handed hers to Shawn Booth. Obviously first impressions mean a lot to the women of The Bachelorette.

Rachel thought he was too perfect, but is there such a thing?

One of Rachel’s hesitations when it came to Bryan was that he brings his A-game 100 percent of the time. He was upfront and articulate about his feelings for her from the very beginning. She admitted to being skeptical of him numerous times because it was just so easy to be with him.

In the finale, Rachel said Bryan was her “most constant factor,” which was scary to her because she is used to being in relationships where she has to fix things. Bryan strayed from her usual type, whereas Peter, the other finalist, was more along the men she dated in the past. That change of pace must be doing wonders for her because Rachel looked genuinely happy to announce her engagement to Bryan on the live show.

They stood up for each other on hometown visits

Hometown visits were no walk in the park for Bryan and Rachel. When Rachel visited Miami, Bryan’s mom expressed doubts about the process. Rachel was a little taken back by the comments, but Bryan was there to reassure her his feelings were genuine.

When Bryan met Rachel’s family, the conversations mimicked more of an interrogation. Rachel was appalled by her family’s behavior and was there to stick up for him. She even went all lawyer on her family, saying that it was unfair to treat him like that.

The two of them are admirable for the way they stick up for each other. There is no doubt that they would do anything for each other, which is why the two have a good chance of creating a lasting relationship.

The proposal

The day after Rachel sent Peter packing, Bryan picked out a cushioned, teardrop, Neil Lane original engagement ring. The ring screamed “classy,” a word one could use to describe Rachel. A car drove Bryan through the winding Spaniard wine country to a villa that overlooked the rolling fields. There, Bryan staked his case as to why he loved her.

“I just knew that first night, 100 percent certainty, that we could be something special,” he said.

But up until that point, Rachel worried she was rushing the journey.

“I was trying to find cracks in what seemed like the perfect foundation,” she said before Bryan arrived.

Any doubts and reservations were washed away after Bryan said his opening remarks. Rachel then told him she couldn’t imagine her life without him. Bryan was bursting with joy — so much so that he started jumping. The moment was beautiful to watch.

“Right there in this moment standing with you, I see my forever — I see my future,” she said. “I love you and I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else.”

The couple’s journey to engagement seemed like the perfect fairytale. Sure, there were a few bumps along the way, but Rachel and Bryan always appeared to be a perfect match. They both exude confidence and neither of them feel like they’re settling for anything less than perfect.

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