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Marcellis Williamson gets ready to take on Miami offensive lineman against the RedHawks last fall. Williamson died Wednesday at the age of 23 (Maddie Meyer/Staff Photographer)

Former teammates talk about Marcellis Williamson

Here are some more stories from some of those closest to Marcellis Williamson:

Lee Renfro, former linebacker and team captain:

"We played together for 4 years. When he came in, he always going to draw attention. He wasn’t small and was always busting butt. He gave it all on the field. I loved played with him. After he was done playing, me and him spent a lot of time chatting about life. He was always at Bible study and in Atheltes in Action. We spent a good amount of time spent on my couch talking about faith. The kid had a good heart and always tried to soak up knowledge."


"We had a lot of memories. Can’t think of an exact story. Just his genuineness and love for people and love for those around."


Thad Turner, former cornerback and close friend.

"Yesterday, I turned on some clips we made on YouTube. One clip where I’m joking around with him. He wears 62 cause he weighs 362 pounds, as a joke. He always took stuff like that well and just gave me a smirk afterthat. It was all good. He never took anything too serious. He always light hearted. I'll never forget making freestyle raps over songs with him and me and Chris Garrett. I just turned on this "Run This Town" by Jay-Z and a rap we did over it. We made a song over that beat. We weren't trying to be singers and rappers, but just having fun.


Donovan Fletcher, former safety and team captain:

"Since our freshman year in Athens, Whenever I think of someone who loves the game... Cell-phone definitely comes to mind. Countless memories of his character and distinctive smile that Boo just mentioned....From the 6.a.m. workouts to game day, he was definitely someone who could intensify morale with his encouragement and actions. On away games he was the teammate that you would want to be sitting by because of his humor, he made time fly by. He certainly enhanced what I consider my college experience and everyone who got the chance to know him was blessed with his passion to live each day with purpose......"


Boo Jackson, former starting quarterback:


"Marcellis was a great man. He was the first one to embrace me here. You will get this same comment from every person, he was a hard worker. Always the last to leave the weight room, last to get off the field. No one will forget the craziness he did before a big bench lift rocking back and forth breathing hard, seeming like he was exuding more energy getting ready for the lift, then the actual lifting part. Biggest voice on the team. He was the one that no matter what you did, always tried to make you better in one way or another."


Chris Garrett, former starting running back:

"All my teammates were close, but me and Marcellis were really close . When Marcellis first came in, I met him. Ever since, he’s been there for me. He was same person since he got there. Just an even-keeled hard-worker and a good person all-around. He's a guy you want to be around. Marcellis was uplifting, in his way."

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