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Bent on Boys: Women search for storybook endings

Note: This is part two of a two-part series on college stereotypes. Part one featuring male college stereotypes is available to read online at The Post’s website.

Many women are often more inclined to embody and apply stereotypes to their gender, as well as to their counterparts. Publicly, some may find it offensive to lump and label people, but privately it can serve as a form of description and appropriate assumption.

For girls, I chose to condense them into The Bohemian, The Fashionista, The Sorority Girl and The Girl Next Door. I asked my fellow female Bobcats the same question as the male stereotypes:

Q: What are the top three things you look for in a companion and what celebrity embodies those traits?

The Bohemian

A: Curly Hair; sense of humor; a boy who can dance!; James Franco’s looks with Frank Sinatra’s tunes.

This girl wants the inconspicuous dork that has an adorable exterior and an intriguing personality. She wants someone to laugh and have fun with more than anything. Her man should be able to spontaneously sweep her off her feet in an unconventionally simple way.

The Fashionista

A: How they dress (i.e. hipster); says what is on his mind; smile; Joseph Gordon-Levitt/James Franco hybrid.

She wants a man who can look the part when standing next to her, while simultaneously is mentally stimulating in conversation. A thinker with a killer smile will win this fashionista over. And, if you are wearing plaid/flannel you are golden.

The Sorority Girl

A: Fit, in-shape, toned; supportive; nice taste in shoes; Zac Efron/Robert Pattinson/Jason Hoppy (Bethenny Frankel’s husband) hybrid.

He needs to look good and take care of himself while being able to set aside his agenda when needed for her. She wants someone who will care about her as much as he cares about going to the gym.

In order to properly complement this sorority girl, he should be a real man who is not afraid to show his sensitive side at times.

The Girl Next Door

A: Pretty eyes (green or blue) and blonde hair; funny (i.e. witty, goofy, sarcastic); confident but not cocky; John Hamm from Mad Men.

This guy should basically be hilarious without trying too terribly hard, while managing to remain attractive in a classic way. He needs to know who he is and be secure in that so he can complement who she is. This girl next door wants her man to be able to be just as bold as her with a soft and unexpected undertone.

Oh, and one more thing. It only would be prudent at this juncture to categorize myself in a common college stereotype. Perhaps I should go with The Naïve Freshman?

The Naïve Freshman

A: He should be super cute — not just cute; he needs to be able to rescue me and catch me when I fall; he must be willing to throw his jacket over a puddle if need be; Ryan Gosling from The Notebook/Disney prince hybrid.

The Naïve Freshman wants a fairy-tale-turned-college experience. I’m talking one of those boys from a Taylor Swift song, classic romantic films or some type of story where two people actually end up happily ever after. Basically, she is waiting to find her prince charming who has a glass slipper that will fit her foot perfectly.

Though life is not a movie or a fairy tale, one can still wish theirs will somehow result that way. Will you be able to find this while walking the streets of Ohio University? At the very least, a person can hope for the best.

Bentley Weisel is a freshman studying magazine journalism and a columnist for The Post. Have you found your Prince Charming? Email Bentley at


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