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'Bromances' let men show emotions

A bromance, according to the Urban Dictionary, is an unusually close and non-sexual relationship shared between two straight men.

The phenomenon of bromances is becoming an incredibly prominent trend, particularly in college life. It could probably even be taken as the sign of ultimate manliness.

Now, I am not going to try and speak of bromances as if I am capable of experiencing one. However, I can say how one can tell when a guy they know or are dating is a part of a bromance from an outsider’s perspective.  

Whether it is your boyfriend or a random set of guys on the street, a bromance can be detected by reading exterior signs. Bromances are typically revealed by two guys who consistently associate with each other on a one-on-one basis and interact in a way that is more loving in a non-sexual way.

A bromance shows that the guys involved are secure enough in their masculinity to allow them to not be afraid of showing affection toward each other. That can be in the form of hugging in celebration, reassuring pats on the back or brief shoulder massages for encouragement.

Keep in mind that not all guys who are friends with each other are able to share the wonders that bromances can offer. Guys who are a part of a bromance have a mutual understanding and unspoken agreement between each other. That, simultaneously, is what can cause problems to arise.

These problems can include one guy’s not calling the other back or one guy’s choosing to hang out with someone else instead of his bromance partner: essentially, all of the things that can cause conflict in normal romances.

Another issue that can result from a bromance is jealousy from the women in either guys’ lives. Some girls do not understand that bromances are nothing to be intimidated by but something to actually be happy about.

A bromance shows that a guy is capable of not only having but also caring about another person in a genuine and unconditional way. That provides hope for potential or current girlfriends because not all guys are comfortable having or expressing social relationships in such a way.

A girl should not feel threatened by a bromance. Yes, the guys involved do care about each other in an unexpectedly passionate way, make time to talk and see each other often, and will sometimes set aside other people (i.e. you) in order to be with their bromance partner. But that is the beauty of it.

Girls have always been able to have best friends and other girls they are very close to. They are allowed, in societal terms, to express their affections without fear of facing judgement.

In the meantime, guys have had to awkwardly sit in the background afraid to get too excited or too emotional toward their good friends of the same gender because it could cause people to question their manliness. They are simply embracing the friendships in their lives that make them unquestionably happy.

If your guy has another guy whom he is able to share this special bond with, smile and be proud. That same energy and effort he puts into his bromance shows that he can and most likely will do the same for you.

Bromances offer guys a shoulder to cry on, a person to get advice from, and more importantly, a wingman to assist in meeting us lovely ladies.

I know from a personal standpoint that I thoroughly enjoy seeing guys who are in a bromance.

There is something inexplicably attractive about guys who are completely comfortable enough to share that kind of a relationship with one of their fellow male friends.

Bentley Weisel is a freshman studying magazine journalism and a columnist for The Post. Do you have a rad bromance? Email Bentley at

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