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Long-distance relationships: worth the mileage?

Pillow Talk,

Not horribly long ago, a month ago at most, I started dating my current girlfriend. I like her a lot, but we’re both graduating at the end of this quarter. I have already taken a job out of state and my girlfriend is going back to her hometown in Ohio (she hasn’t found a job yet). Things are going well in our relationship, but I’ve started thinking about what we should do after graduation. We haven’t been together that long so I’m not sure if maintaining our relationship long distance is going to be worth it. Are long distance relationships ever worth it?


Going the Distance

Going the Distance,

     Long-distance relationships can be hit-or-miss, depending on the couple and the circumstances: some people really hate being away from their significant other but I’ve personally found that long-distance relationships can be great.

     Distance can be appealing, as being away from a partner can allow couples to spend time tending solely to their own interests without feeling guilty or pressured into spending all of his or her extra energy on the relationship.

     However, a long-distance relationship is a lot of work, as being away from a partner means that person might be a part of your life, but not necessarily a part of your physical reality. It takes some extra effort to make sure you’re keeping your partner in the loop and your relationship in tact.

     Many people do choose to end their relationships after college but many people don’t. The most important thing to do right now is to talk to your girlfriend and see what she what her thoughts are on a post-graduation relationship.

     A lot of times, people look at graduating college as the end of a book where loose ends need to be tied and things need to be wrapped up. Neverthless, life does go on after college and your relationship can too if you want it to, as long as you recognize that sometimes it might take a little extra communication.

- Mallory Long is a senior studying journalism and women's studies. Ask her your questions about sex and love in the culture section of, at or follow Pillow Talk on Twitter at @post_pillowtalk.


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