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Big Shot Barker: Obama's strict no-weeknight-TV rule 'cliche'

Now, I don’t have children, and I have no idea what it really feels like to be a parent, especially a celebrity parent, but I am not sure that having my children watch television is completely destructive to their lives.

I am only bringing this up because in the news recently there has been this media plug about President Obama and Mrs. Obama not letting their daughters Sasha and Malia watch TV during the week.


Don’t get me wrong, I believe that too much television can lead to a lack of motivation or an altered version of reality altogether, but I am not sure I could get through a week without my fix of Glee, Real Housewives or Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

I am sorry to the president, but I just think that it is ridiculous his girls are not allowed to watch TV until the weekend — as he called it on the Tonight Show, “TV time.”

But, hey— what do I know?

I am not the leader of the free world with millions upon millions of people watching my every move with a telescopic lens. I get it: His girls are not going to be in the news for scandalous reasons.

No offense to the Bush family, but I don’t think we will see the likeness of Jenna and Barbara Bush in the Obama daughters. However, I think even the head honcho of these here United States needs to sit back with his fam and relax with a little reality television program every now and again.

You wanna know the real problem I have with this? It just seems so cliché.

It does not seem believable that two girls in such a prestigious lifestyle could be so grounded.

I guess my own mind is so altered from reality programming that I just assume that no one is perfect and no one can resist the temptation of the Kardashians or Jersey Shore or even Big Brother.

I guess I have a problem believing that two adolescent girls are doing nothing all week except school work, etiquette lessons and wearing J.Crew. Of course this schedule has been completely made up in my twisted mind, but it just seems too good to be true.

The kicker of this whole “hard-hitting” news story is that the programs President Obama does not allow his daughters to watch shows that he has actually never seen. How does he know that the Kardashians is not educational? How does he know that there are not life lessons to learn from The Real World?

The only ammo I could possibly see him using against these programs is the programming may be a little too “adult” at times. Sure, I could see how a parent might not want their young children to learn about Scott and Kourtney’s sex life, Kim’s bottom or Khloe’s foul language, but how do you say that these programs are not suitable unless you watch them? I am of course talking to the president here.

I think it all boils down to jealousy. Yes, I would say that I am jealous of Sasha and Malia Obama because they are not tarnished by the media frenzy as I am.

They may never have self-confidence issues, and their IQ’s may soar above the charts. But dare I say — what is the fun in that?

Hallie Gebel is a sophomore studying broadcast journalism and columnist for The Post. Talk about the first family with her at

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