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Life Lessons from Melissa: Astrology poor predictor of anomalies, still fun

In lieu of Halloween, I would like to draw attention to one of the most ancient, far-fetched, but strangely structured arts of the mystic world — Astrology.  

I am by no means an expert; in fact, I know very little about the actual practice of determining life patterns based on the position of the sun, moon and planets at the time of the subject’s birth.


However, a few weeks ago I personalized my Google home page to include my daily horoscope and have since become an astrology buff (in the sense that I read my Aries sign predictions every morning with a gaping expression and nods of astonished agreement).  I have become a believer, or maybe just a self-fulfilling prophecy.  

Lately, my life has been following the exact path that the stars apparently aligned for me. 

Tuesday’s predication said Aries would deal with a problem using the sign’s signature manipulative arguing skills. Oddly enough, my roommate (also an Aries) persuaded our future landlord into knocking $10 off our rent for the next year.

Friday’s reading mentioned that I would encounter a familiar situation. My best friend from home ended up visiting, which essentially brought me home.

Though these seemingly magical correlations continue to freak me out and cause me to ramble about my supernatural connection with the universe to everyone who will listen, I continue to commit the behaviors forewarned by my horoscope.

Our rent is $10 cheaper because we’re cheap and would go to the ends of the earth to save a penny on a Popsicle. My best friend came to visit because I invited her. Odds are, these things did not happen because the sun was in my fifth house of self-expression or because Venus crossed Mars’ orbital path (which may not be possible; again, not an expert. I actually know very little about the make-up of the celestial universe).

Although it is unlikely that my life was planned out by the sun’s orientation to the Earth the day I emerged from the womb, it surely is fascinating to consider.  There have been some coincidental occurrences that have led to head-tilting discoveries to do with astrology (Jeffery Dahmer was born as a Gemini with the Sun in the 8th House of Sex and Death — Happy Halloween.)  

So, I suggest taking a look at your horoscope, and regardless of it becoming true because you want it to or because astrology is real, it may surprise you. 


Melissa Knueven is a junior studying communications and a columnist for The Post.

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