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Leaps and Bounds: Enjoying the movie means closing critical eye

Every time a new movie is showing, complaints come along with it. There is always someone paying too much attention to the critics rather than the movie itself.

When I was watching a movie, I could hardly find any holes or commercial elements — the two things people are always working hard to figure out.

One exception: When, and only when, the movie is too boring, we should focus on the product placements.

A year ago in a previous journalism class, I did an assignment about logging product placements in the movie Spiderman 3. We were required to write a paper on how product placement affected the quality of the movie. After watching, I only found two product placements throughout the movie.

When it comes to product placement in the movies, it affects the quality of movies in two ways: positive and negative. Too many advertisements would drop the quality of the movie; however, a suitable amount of product placements should not be a very bad thing.

Despite the fact that commercial elements and product placements could somewhat overshadow the movie content itself, they also could improve the quality of movies.

If there were more product placements in the movie, the film’s producers would get more money from those companies. Therefore, they can invest that money into the movie and make each scene perfect. As a result, the qualities of movies are improved because of product placement. It could be a positive feedback loop.

When you are really enjoying a fabulous movie, it is hard to notice the other things around the story.

I’m not a person who cares about the product placement too much. But if there were product placement in the movie, I would see the movie as more real. Nowadays, we can find advertisements everywhere in our daily life, so I think movies with product placement are closer to reality.

Also, some creative product placements are even good ways to promote a movie to impress an audience.

In addition, regarding reality, we should know ahead of time that the movie itself is under business operations because we are living in a commercial society.

The fact that we need to understand is that a nice movie will not give the audiences an opportunity to judge the inconsequential plots in a movie because the content is attractive enough to catch your eyes.

We should close our picky eyes and open our peaceful hearts to truly enjoy watching a fantastic movie and try to be a real audience.

Yun Ye is a junior studying journalism and a columnist for The Post. Do you like product placement in with your popcorn? Email her at

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