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Tackling the tush talk: How to approach the topic

I heard these days that the backdoor is no longer off limits for girls. I have been told that they now enjoy both anal fingering and anal sex. How do I know that a girl I’m hooking up with will like this and how do I initiate this without knowing if she’s into it or not?

You are absolutely right. In 2006, the National Council on Butt Pleasures unanimously decided to allow women to not only enjoy anal sex, but, even to request it. This overturned the 1834 ruling — the Prohibiting Lubrication Up the Gastro-Intestinal Track Act (PLUG-IT).

If you and the girl are a regular thing, during the standard “What are you into” conversation, you say, “Hey, how do you feel about anal play or anal sex?”

If you don’t feel comfortable talking about anal sex, you are not ready to have it. I know that talking about butts can be awkward, but I guarantee you it is less awkward than someone’s finger surprising you halfway up your rectum.

If you and the girl (or guy, for that matter – this applies to anyone interested in anal play) are “hooking up” for the first time, take it slow. Give him or her plenty of opportunities to say “no” or to move your hand away (both of which are her way of saying, “I’m not into it.”)

If you receive no dissuading comment or action (for which you are listening very, very carefully) or receive an invitation to continue, you do so. However, you are not going to bum-rush her butt. You are going to move in stages because the same person who is really into stimulation may be very opposed to penetration.

Have fun. Be safe. Don’t forget the lube.

Alex Bill is a junior studying psychology and criminology.

Dear Backdoor-adorer,

You heard it through the grapevine? Well, then this letter must be from ancient Greece because that’s how long the backdoor’s been unlocked – maybe even longer.

Not only were Greek philosophers taking on younger male lovers (heightening their higher power thinking skills, of course), but anal sex, concubines, oral sex and erotica have happened throughout time. Whether it’s talked about or not, sexual activities offer many explosive options.

Now here’s The Back-hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

How to choose: whatever feels good — no, great.

How you will know if your hook-up hottie likes it: ask her.

How many heterosexual couples perform anal: 44 percent of males and 36 percent of women (you’d think it’d be an equal number) have executed anal at least once, according to a study by the Center for Disease Control.

Ask your partner, but remember - she may let you in the back without keeping her true feelings upfront.

There are no pleasure tissues in a woman’s anal cavity like those surrounding her vagina, so even if you guys knock your socks off, there is no scientific proof she even untied her laces.

STIs can still spread through anal sex, so be careful.

Also, many women endure anal as a favor, which changes sex into a chore by making it less fun and definitely less frequent.

If she wants it, she wants it. Don’t shy away from booty frenzy if it gets you going, which it does otherwise there’d be no letter. Just get the facts before the gossip.

Steph Doan is a junior studying journalism. Send her and Alex your burning sex questions at

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