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BedPost: Relationship with a coworker may be messy, not worth the risk

I work at one of the food service places on campus, so most of us are the same age and all my coworkers and me are really close. Recently, my boss has sent me some flirty texts and I’ve been hanging out with him a little outside of work. He’s made it very clear he wants to start something between us, but I’m not so sure. I know it’s not illegal or anything, but is it really a good idea to date your boss?

Oh dear, this one is a toughie.

So, to evaluate this, you have to ask yourself a few questions. First, you’ve said he wants to be with you, but do you even want to be with him? Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we have just as much of a say in our relationships as the person pursuing us does.

Let’s just say you do really want to be with him, which I’m assuming you do because you came to me. The next question is, what do you both want out of this? Is this going to be some quickies behind the cash register (if so, please for the love of God, clean up afterward) or is this going to be the restaurant version of The Notebook? I’m thinking ketchup hearts and heart-shaped sandwiches. It’s super cute in my mind.

Either way, you’ve got to both be pretty clear about what this means and what you want or this romance is not going to be well done. (Get it? Food puns!)

Whatever you and your man decide on, there is still one very important step you have to take and you may not like it; you’ve got to weigh your options.

I know. I’m the worst, but hear me out.

Sure, this guy may be dreamy and, in a world not full of dish washing and coffee pouring, you may have gotten married and had little baby bobkitties … or really good sex depending on your intentions. But is it worth it?

There’s a good chance something may go sour or someone may develop feelings or lose feelings. Or you may get into a heated argument over proper salad dressing protocol. In the end, he’s still your boss and if it ends poorly, he’s your ex and your boss. Is that awkwardness worth it or is it just safer to fawn over him from afar?

Whatever you decide, I wish you nothing but happiness and polite customers.

Kristin Salaky is a sophomore studying journalism and the assistant culture editor for The Post. Are the lines between work and lust a bit shady? Email her at

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