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Bedpost: From timid to temptress?

It's OK to be anal about anal

Dear BedPost,

My boyfriend is really pressuring me to have anal sex and it’s not like I don’t want to, it just seems like something that is so weird. What do I do?

Dear reader,

Ah, butt stuff, the most elegant of topics.

It seems to me that ladies are categorized into those who will bite the pillow and those who will not. I guess it never really made sense to me that women would be into anal as men are biologically made to be able to enjoy it.

Yep, that’s right the male G-spot is up in there. What’s unnatural now? But for women, it seems sort of like trying to fit a foot into a keyhole. I can’t imagine it would be too cozy.

Look, I’m not saying that ladies can’t make an educated decision and be good with going to fifth base, but what I am saying is this is something that y’all need to be 100 percent on the same page with. It takes some prep work (both with buying supplies and in the bedroom) and some serious communication.

As we usually say, communication is key, but it’s OK to say no as well, lord knows I have, for a number of reasons. Also, unless you’re literally the coolest chick ever, you’re probably not going to get off on this particular venture. Make sure there’s something in it for you too.

You’re in my thoughts. Maybe invest in a doughnut cushion. Godspeed.

Kristin is a junior studying journalism and the Culture Editor of The Post. Tweet her @KristinSalaky.

The human butt has proven to be useful in myriad scenarios. It makes sitting down infinitely more comfortable. It can be used as a plate in certain situations. And since the days of Aristotle and Socrates, it has been a known outlet for coitus.

Believe it or not, the acceptance of this third rump utility has been hotly debated for centuries. One camp says a little bit of Greek ain’t no thang. The opposing one contends there was no butt loving in the Bible, we can’t have it in our unbelievably moral nation — Trump 2016.

Listen, just like with anything sexual among consenting adults, I say if anal is your freak, get freaky. As long as everyone involved is 18 or older, it’s 100 percent okay if you’re okay with it. Just like with firewater and gambling, as long as you’re doing it seldom enough to avoid some of the more serious problems that accompany the pastime, you should be fine.

That 100 percent is important, though. Never get pressured into anything sexual. I’ve always been of the mindset that you’re entitled to what you want sexually but should never do what you don’t want to do. The only time you’re not entitled is when your partner doesn’t want to do that thing.

Do it if you want; no one should care.

Ian is a junior studying journalism and a copy editor at The Post. Tweet him


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This article originally appeared in print under the headline "Don’t be a stick in the mud about bum lovin’"

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