An Ohio University student has taken it upon himself to go around campus dressed up as the character, Anna, from Disney’s Frozen.

The cold never bothered him anyway.

Similar to the character, Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, one Ohio University student isn’t bothered by the recent bout of cold weather.

Zak Roe, a sophomore studying integrated media, has gained attention on social media by walking around campus dressed as Princess Anna from Frozen.

The approximately 6-foot-tall, bearded student has been seen on campus since Monday, sporting a duct-tape dress and wig.

Students have been posting pictures and reactions to him on Twitter, some garnering more than 250 retweets.

Leah Bonsignore, a freshman studying early education, was confused when she saw the bearded likeness of the Disney princess.

“I was walking down Morton Hill and I saw Anna fly by me asking people if they’ve seen Elsa anywhere,” Bonsignore said.

Roe said his personal Twitter account has gained more than 50 followers since he started wearing the costume.

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When Roe approaches students, he asks them if they’ve seen his sister, Elsa, from the film.

“They usually just laugh and say ‘no’ they haven’t seen her,” Roe said.

Some people have also asked Roe to sing — an occurrence that doesn’t bother him either.

The most common request is for the popular song, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?,” he said.

Roe originally made the costume for Halloween, which he says took him about a month to complete. He says the thickness of the tape is the only reason he’s able to wear the costume, despite the cold temperature.

When it started snowing earlier in the week, Roe realized he had another use for the costume.

“It started snowing and I was like ‘Well, I have this here so I might as well try to stop it and save the day,’” he said.

As an integrated media student, Roe’s dream is to one day work as a Disney animator.

“The songs, the characters, the animation — everything was so good,” Roe said of Frozen. “It’s my favorite movie because I and a lot of people can really identify with Elsa and Anna’s struggle.”


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