An Ohio University student is suing her roommate and landlords after she was attacked by the family's dog.

After being attacked by a "vicious" dog, Ohio University student Caroline Rahtz filed a civil suit against the dog's owner in the Athens County Common Pleas Court on Feb. 11, according to court documents.

Rahtz, a Cincinnati resident, is suing for $100,000 in reparations from her former landlords, John and Sylvia Gleason, and roommate, Mary Gleason, according to court documents.

Rahtz was left alone in the rental home with Mary's dog, Felix, when she was bitten in the face in February 2014, leaving "deep wounds, lacerations, bruises, cuts, contusions, deformities and other injuries," according to court documents.

Three counts of negligence were filed against the Gleasons. Rahtz claimed her roommate had a responsibility to properly train the dog, adding that the dog had been known to attack before.

Additionally, the documents claimed Mary was in violation of the Ohio Revised Code's section on dogs but did not specify which section specifically was being broken.

Rahtz also requested all of the court fees and lawyer's fees be paid by the Gleasons.

According to court documents, Rahtz requested a jury hearing, but a date has not been set, according to the court of common pleas' website.


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