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A can of Sechs stands in front of assorted beers at Big Mamma's Burritos and Beer. Sechs is now coming out with a new drink called "Morning Sechs." 

You could wake up to 'Morning Sech's' soon, thanks to two OU alumni

So far, the company has sold 400 cases of Sech’s, an alcoholic “cocktail-in-a-can” drink, at $48 apiece.

Sech’s sells, at least at Ohio University and Ohio State University.

Sech’s is an alcoholic “cocktail-in-a-can” drink, similar to Four Loko, which hit stores around OU in December.

“Basically we’re the highest quality, most affordable drink you’re going to find on the market,” Mason Estep, co-founder of Sech’s, said.

The company was founded by Estep, a student in OU's specialized studies program, and Shea Wilson, an OU alumnus. The company has since added two other part-owners, Gabriele Galli and Mike Leonard.

Estep said Sech's has seen good sales. He said since the company's launch, it has sold 400 cases of Sech’s at $48 apiece, which is more than $19,000 in sales.

“Sales have been way greater than we expected at this point,” Estep said, adding that he sees the drink as a movement started by students.

Sech’s is currently being sold at several stores Uptown, including Mike’s Dog Shack, ...And Beer and BP.

Mike Carson, owner of Mike’s Dog Shack, 20 S. Court St., said Sech’s has been doing well.

“Sales are up there with Lime-A-Rita and Four Loko,” Carson said.

The team of owners sees many opportunities to market the drink to college students directly, which they say is what sets them apart from other similar drinks.

Sech's plans to partner with student groups, such as frats, sororities and student clubs, as well as local bars and fests, Estep said.

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“It’s like Four Loko, but better because it doesn’t make you as crazy,” Jaclyn McCoy, a junior studying accounting, said.

Estep said the company also plans to make a new flavor, a mimosa which they call Morning Sech’s, which should be coming soon, Estep said.


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