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Donkey Coffee and Espresso, located on 17 West Washington Street.

Q&A: Culture staff's favorite spots

The Culture Staff at The Post laid out some of its favorite spots to eat, study and pet animals.

Upon moving to a new town or college campus, it takes time to learn where all the best and hidden spots are. That's why the culture staff of The Post compiled a list of its favorite places to get food, study or pet animals.

What is your favorite place to eat Uptown for under $5?

Sean Wolfe: It’s barely under $5, but a gyro from Souvlakis.

Alex Darus : O’bettys. Cheese fries everyday.

Jess Hill: Ginger

Georgia Davis: Goodfella’s. Pizza is always a good choice.

Alexis Eichelberger: Big Mamma’s. Baby burritos are life.

LynAnne Vucovich: Goodfella’s forever.

Joe Cooke: Wendy’s

What is your favorite place to hide on campus?

SW: The very top floor of the library (“The Stacks”). Everyone is scared of books, so I can sit there in peace.

AD: There is a bench hidden near the parking garage under Nelson that I like to sit at and hide from everyone.

JH: 6th floor of the library

GD: I like to hide out in the Athena Cinema because I love watching movies. It's a good place to take a break and relax.

AE: My bed

LV: My best friend’s room

Mae Yen Yap: My dorm room

JC: My dorm room

What is your favorite place to enjoy nature?

SW: Strouds Run is a little closer to home, but Hocking Hills is always worth the drive.

AD: On a pontoon in the open waters of Dow Lake at Strouds.

JH: Ridges!

GD: College Green. I am not very adventurous.

AE: On West Green between James and Wilson.

LV: Bong Hill is an easy, fun hike.

JC: Ridges

Where is your favorite place to read or study?

SW: Donkey Coffee, or the library.

AD: The 5th floor of Baker. There is usually no one up there, and I’m close enough to the newsroom when I need a distraction.

JH: Donkey

GD: 4th floor of the library in the egg-shaped chairs.

AE: 4th floor of Alden next to the windows.

LV: 7th floor of Alden is my favorite spot.

MYP: The ‘Very Quiet Study’ room on the 4th floor of Alden.

JC: 4th floor Alden, near windows.

What is your favorite dining hall?

SW: Boyd. Be thankful you didn’t have to experience it before the renovation.

AD: Shively solely because of Grab N’ Go. If I could answer none, I would pick that.

JH: Boyd

GD: Boyd for sure.

AE: Nelson

LV: Boyd

MYP: Boyd

JC: Nelson

Where is your favorite place to see a nice view in Athens?

SW: The top of the parking garage on Washington Street. I don’t think you’re technically supposed to go up there, but you can get a great view of the city.

AD: The 7th floor of the library because I can get stuff done and a nice view at the same time.

JH: Bong Hill

GD: The view from Union Street beside Central Classroom is gorgeous.

AE: Bong Hill

LV: Bong Hill again.

JC: The view outside 4th floor Baker.

What is your favorite place to see music performed?

SW: The Union, before it burned down. Now it would probably be the Smiling Skull Saloon.

JH: Donkey

AE: Casa Nueva

LV: The Skull because the bands are always really different.

JC: Casa Nueva

What is your favorite place to get coffee?

SW: Donkey Coffee. They’re always playing great music, and the staff is pretty nice.

AD: My dorm room because I am a high-class barista.

JH: Donkey

GD: Front Room

AE: Donkey

LV: Court Street Coffee

JC: Don’t drink coffee.

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What is your favorite place to pet animals?

SW: The Athens County Dog Shelter. If you sign up as a volunteer, you can take their dogs out on walks. It’s a dream come true.

JH: Union Ridge Wildlife Center

AE: On College Green when they bring the shelter dogs.

LV: Anywhere I can find someone walking their dog. Always ask before petting someone’s animal, though!

JC: Anywhere I can find an animal.

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