The second episode of Revenge Body was filled with proposals, weight-loss and happiness in the lives of the contestants.

The first episode of Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian was a breath of fresh air in the world of weight-loss shows. Where most are filled with lots of crying and minimal weight loss, this show actually helped turn the lives around of normal, everyday people. Where some weight-loss shows are like watching a horrible drama show, I actually looked forward to watching the second episode.

Khloé is really trying to improve the lives of others. “When you look good, you feel good,” she said, referring to the “mind, body, soul” aspect she puts into her participants' health routines. And it seems to really be working.

The second episode includes Sam and Nicole, a couple whose relationship consists of laziness and eating. Sam is looking to change, and hopefully save, their relationship.

Then comes Dexter, and ex-college football defensive end, who is looking to get revenge on his father who harps on him constantly for not working out.

Here’s the recap:

In the beginning

Sam and Nicole

After gaining 50 pounds, Sam is looking to improve her body for her girlfriend Nicole. But Khloé realizes that the transformation is not going to work unless Nicole is involved, too. When confronted about their habits, Sam said “Watching her eat like this (fatty, unhealthy foods all the time) drives me nuts.” Nicole is also looking to improve their sex lives, because eight months without sex in a relationship is unheard of.


Dexter gained 40 pounds after being benched his senior year of college. He’s uncomfortable with his body, and his father, Robert, is continuously making it worse. Robert calls Dexter often and makes comments like “You been sitting on the couch like a fat boy,” and “What you do all day? Eat cake?” Dexter is making a change to show his dad and his friends, who used to call him “titty,” that he is capable of a physical journey.

In the middle

Sam and Nicole

Sam and Nicole start working out with their trainer, Harley Pasternak. He makes them work out together, and it seems to work well. Harley makes them do a small workout everyday, including 12,000 steps and a small metabolism-boosting weight workout. With this, Harley gives them a “body-reset” diet, where they drink smoothies three times a day for a week, then two times a day the next week until their bodies are cleansed of unhealthy foods. Sam finds it sexy that Nicole is making the effort to work out. But, after going on a hike together and seeing Nicole’s negativity, Sam decides that she needs to work out alone. They separate for the rest of the journey.


Dexter works out with Corey Calliet, the trainer that helped Michael B. Jordan prepare for Creed. He decides to start him off with a football-based workout, with tire flips, ropes, bleachers and weight sprints. After working out for a little bit, Dexter started puking everywhere. Corey thinks that Dexter is faking it. He goes back to his workouts and Corey puts him on a meal plan. While they are meal-prepping, Dexter pukes AGAIN because of the smell of the food. But Dexter pushes on and continues to lose weight, to the point where Corey says “he can throw the bra away” for his extra fat on his pectorals.

The Reveal

Sam and Nicole

After getting styled, Sam looks gorgeous with a total weight loss of 30.5 pounds. Khloé even remarks that she “looks so good.” They have their final reveal at Dodger Stadium, and the couple both look amazing. Nicole was down 50 pounds when she finally sees Sam. They both look amazing, and their journey ends with Nicole proposing to Sam on the Dodger’s pitchers mound. Nicole has lost 20 more pounds, and they plan on getting married in 2018.


Dexter is styled and Khloé thinks he looks hot AF (which he does). He has his reveal at a football stadium, where his father is waiting for him. Dexter went from 267 to 220 pounds over the course of 12 weeks, and looks like a greek god. Josh Norman, a cornerback for the Washington Redskins and Dexter’s ex-teammate, also attends his reveal. Dexter and his dad cry about his weight loss, and continue to do a workout together.


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