There tends to be this common misconception a rich, famous girls are usually terrible. But, for Khloé Kardashian, that’s not true.

She has turned a primetime television spot usually reserved for dramatic shows about famous people into a positive, inspiring show that anyone can relate to. It highlights real people with real-life problems, and teaches them how to love themselves while bettering their mind and body. Who can’t relate to this?

I think what makes this show so good, though, is Khloé herself. She gives people the opportunities for self-love that they may not have otherwise and really changes their lives for the better.

In the third episode of the series, Khloé brings Jill, a woman in her 20s with a hard, emotional past, and Sukhda, a woman from India that isn’t used to working out or even walking.

Let’s take a look at their transformations:


After losing both of her parents in high school, Jill turned to eating to cope with the emotional strain she was experiencing. Her sister decided to take care of them and their family. She lost weight and looked great once again, but gained that weight back (70 pounds) when she was sexually assaulted in college. Jill wanted to do this for her sister so she doesn’t have to worry about her health anymore. Jill’s trainer is Simone De La Rue, who uses dance to help her clients lose weight. Initially, Jill doesn’t believe the workouts are going to work, but she eventually falls into the routine and likes the dance workouts.

One of Jill’s biggest problems is her emotional eating. She goes to Cynthia Pasquella, the Kardashians’ nutritionist, who was also sexually assaulted. After talking about her rape, she feels better about herself and is ready for this transition.

Near her reveal, Jill goes back to the dance studio and sees that she lost 45 inches total around her body and 30 pounds overall. She looks fantastic and is styled by Khloé’s glam squad. She reveals to her sister that she did this for her. After her revenge body reveal, she became Simone’s assistant and continues to work toward her perfect body.

It was such a beautiful reveal. Jill’s life was not easy, but she still tried to get over it and be strong and better her body.


Sukhda is a rich woman from India who does not like to walk, sweat or exercise. She considers people who walk to be “poor.” She once tried to get in shape, but went to the gym and it was closed. She considered this a “sign,” and never went back. When Sukhda moved to the U.S. from India, she was shocked and coped with it by eating a full pizza every night. Her motivation for losing weight is herself, because she knows she is obese.

Latreal Mitchell is her trainer, a no-BS trainer who is used to working with men. Sukhda doesn’t like how Latreal talks to her and makes her walk up a huge hill for her first exercise (not to mention that she was 40 minutes late to begin with). Sukhda says how she “wants to throw Latreal off the hill, but it’s illegal in America,” to voice her frustration for someone who is trying to better her life. Sukhda is literally the biggest crybaby. Khloé and Latreal are just trying to help her out, but she is too selfish and bratty to see that what she’s doing isn’t working out.

After a few weeks of being late and barely working out, Sukhda comes to another training session with Latreal. She gained five pounds from last time and isn’t working towards her goal. All she does is complain and whine. Latreal decides it is time to bring Khloé into the situation.

After talking with Khloé, her and Latreal decide that this program isn’t for Sukhda, and they fire her from the show. Sukhda says, “you’re making me come across as someone who is irresponsible ... and bratty,” which she totally is. They let her go from this fabulous opportunity (which is totally her fault). After a few months, Sukhda started doing hot yoga and lost three dress sizes. The woman is dumb. Why would you give up an opportunity like this with Khloé Kardashian because you’re too much of a princess to work out and listen to expert’s suggestions? Beats me.


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