As corny as this may sound, Revenge Body may be my favorite hour of the week.

Khloé Kardashian has made an empire for herself through the show. Recently, she has been posting more of her workouts to Snapchat and more stuff on her app, and I could only guess that it is directly related to the success of this show.

Also, on a personal note, let me tell you, this show is some type of inspiration (I’ve gone to the gym three times this week!!!)

But anyway, here’s the TL;DR and recap for episode five:


Tiffany is from a conservative family and has been with her husband for 12 years. He wants to be famous, they break up and Tiffany is left in the dark. She gets revenge on him, looks great and never looks back.

Jamie has turned to food her whole life for comfort. Gained a lot of weight. She is looking to have a good body for her on-and-off boyfriend. She has a tough time at first, but loses the weight and gains confidence.


Tiffany is about 30 years old, has been with her husband for 12 years and has been married for eight and a half years. He decided, after trying to come to Hollywood to find fame, to leave her. Due to Tiffany’s conservative background, she is inexperienced in the world of dating and romance. Her heart is broken and she has decided to mend it, and get revenge, on her soon-to-be ex. Tiffany’s trainer is Lacey Stone, who Tiffany says “has four legs,” due to her crazy muscle build. Lacey has felt heartbreak and is a perfect match to help start healing Tiffany. On her first workout day Tiffany is scared at first, but steps right into her training session. Lacey tells her to take off her wedding ring and Tiffany starts to feel sad. But Lacey brings forward the truth and uses her workout to take her anger out on her ex.

Fast forward a few weeks and Tiffany is working to get her perfect body. She is weight training and cycling with Lacey. But her biggest challenge to get over is her ex. She needs to take off her wedding ring, but can’t. She goes to the bar with her friends and finally decides, after much deliberation, to take off the ring. You can tell she’s really going through a tough time with this, and her taking off the ring was a huge step toward happiness for her.

At her reveal, her ex Elliott shows up. She looks fantastic and lost a total of 26 pounds, bringing her down to 130 pounds. She adds how she still loves her ex, but isn’t in-love with him and moves on.


Jamie is 6’3” and 328 pounds. After growing up poor and without a father, Jamie turned to food for comfort. She believes she is a beautiful person, but lacks the confidence needed to change the minds of other people. Jamie wants to get revenge on her on-and-off boo thang, Shorty Doo Wop, better known as Kenya. She wants to impress him and wear a giraffe catsuit at her reveal. Jamie’s trainer is Simone De La Rue, and they work through dance and resistance band workouts for her to lose weight. Jamie hasn’t worked out in two decades and is having trouble with the exercises. When Simone weighs her, Jamie says she is “almost a rectangle” with her measurements.

At her six week check in, Jamie has only lost 24 pounds, which should be more due to her high weight. Simone is disappointed with her, but gives her a motivational speech to help her work harder.

On Jamie’s final day with Simone, she has her final weigh in and loses 60 pounds exactly, which was her final goal from the beginning. Khloé surprises her at her final workout where she leads the dance class she’s been going to for weeks. Jamie looks really great and confident with herself, finally. For her final reveal, Jamie wears a giraffe print catsuit and gets a beautiful weave from celeb stylist Cesar Ramirez. Jamie calls herself the “giraffe from the hood” and looks good. When Kenya doesn’t show up, she realizes she needs to love herself first and have fun. After the show, Jamie and her kids are continuing to get healthy together.


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