In every weight loss show, there is always a circumstance behind weight gain. And Revenge Body is no different.

Whether it is a death in the family, drug use or some kind of trauma, there is always a reason behind weight gain. Khloé Kardashian and the Revenge Body team has hit the nail on the head with this topic.

This week, we met Jessy and Lauren, two younger women who are just looking to get a grip on their life and weight. They both enroll in the 12-week Revenge Body plan, which includes training and nutrition, styling, any other body issues they want to clear up and counseling, if needed. At the end of the 12 weeks, they have a reveal to their loved ones and who they want to get revenge on.

Here’s the recap to this week’s episode:


Jessy was addicted to drugs for the majority of her life, but started using meth regularly when she was 15. She got down to 98 pounds at her lightest, two weeks before she went to rehab for her meth use. After 10 years of sobriety, she is married and severely overweight.

Her mom is constantly her biggest critic, and goes as far as to say “If you don’t lose the weight you’re going to lose your husband.”

Khloé pairs her with trainer Harley Pasternak, who is known for his “body reset” diets, 12,000 steps a day and simple workouts. She struggles with the workout, but kept pushing on. After a few weeks of the workout, she isn’t seeing the results she wants, and wants to get a new trainer. She is used to marine-like workouts (her grandfather was a marine) and high protein, low-carb diets. Harley says she needs to not doubt the process and continue on, and she listens and sees results.

Jessy goes to the stylist next and is nervous because she has not been able to express her body for years. But, she puts on a tight cleavage-baring bodysuit and shows off. When Khloé comes and sees her she says, “Ta Ta Ta’s!” Jessy remarks how not many people can say their lives were changed by a Kardashian. For her makeover, Khloé has Jessy’s hair cut into a long bob and died from dark brown to an orange-red.

In Jessy’s final reveal, she invited her husband and mother, who she wants to get the revenge on. While confronting her mother for the pressure she has put on her for her weight, her mom says how Jessy gaining weight is not fair to her husband. Jessy finally breaks down and tells her mom that she has been emotionally damaging to her with her comments. Her mom apologizes, and at the end of the show, Jessy is down 30 pounds and plans to have a baby with her husband in 2018.


Lauren is engaged and trying to lose weight for her upcoming wedding. But, her brother Martin is her biggest critic, and continues to call her a “fatass” and a “piggy.” Her weight gain started when she was 18 after her father drowned on a cruise they went on for her 18th birthday.

Jorge Cruz, a trainer for Steve Harvey and Oprah, is her trainer. He is focusing on cutting bad food and calories out of her diet. For their first workout, she is having trouble breathing and is at a “10” for the pain she feels in her workout.

After a few weeks of working out, she thinks she hit a plateau, and has a meeting with Khloé. She thinks Khloé is going to kick her off, but instead, she brings Tyler Henry, the medium from Hollywood Medium. Lauren lost her dad a while ago and wants to connect with him. Tyler is a clairvoyant and sees information through objects of her father’s. He said that her dad was coming through his necklace and talking about a heart problem that wasn’t caught soon enough. Tyler also said that her dad was saying for her brother, who is also overweight, to be careful. But, most importantly, her dad is proud of her because of the change she is making in her lifestyle to get healthy. Her dad also added at the end that she needs to leave a reserved sign on one of the seats at the wedding for him.

At her final reveal, Jessy lost 50 pounds in 12 weeks. Her dress ended up having to be altered due to her weight loss. At her reveal, she talks to her brother about what her father said about getting healthy and about the mean comments he made to her. Her brother is proud of her and apologizes for what he said. He is planning on working out soon because of what her father said (to Tyler).


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