For many, the word “hedgehog” brings a particular image to mind: A fast, blue hedgehog scrambling across a screen collecting rings. However, the hedgehog in this week’s review couldn’t differ more from Sonic the Hedgehog — Matthew is a small and relaxed hog who likes to pose with flowers and with miniature toys and dolls.

Matthew (@matthewthehedgehog) has more than 34,000 followers on Instagram. He is very tiny and prickly.

Happy new year

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Quality of Pictures

All of the pictures are very nicely composed, with proper lighting and are probably taken on a camera rather than a phone. The elements of the photos are carefully arranged, and they range from tiny snow globes to baskets. Nearly every post includes a prop of some sort with Matthew posing nearby, which results in a lot of lovely photos of a hedgehog surrounded by flowers.

Rate of Posts

You’ll only see posts every few days from the account. It makes sense because I wouldn’t even know where to start looking for all of these hedgehog-sized props. You can tell a lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into the posts, and the timing and content of the photos seem carefully constructed.

Cuteness of Pet

Despite his prickly nature, Matthew is a very handsome hedgehog. Paired with an off-white background and soft, washed-out colors, the photos of him have a very relaxing and aesthetically pleasing feel to them. When it’s not hidden behind his spikes, you’ll get a few of Matthew’s cute little hedgehog face.

Rating: ⅘

You’ll be carefree in no time after scrolling through this page for a while. Matthew’s owner is a skilled scene-setter and a good photographer as well. The result is a heartwarming glimpse into the life of a hedgehog.


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