Protect Ya Neck,” because this week’s featured Instagram page will “Bring Da Ruckus.”

Woof Tang Clan (@woof.tang.clan), a play on words of the Staten Island-based rap group Wu-Tang Clan, is an account with more than 15,000 followers that features a group of seven Siberian Huskies who live in Florida.

Siberian Huskies are described as “loyal, mischievous and outgoing” by the American Kennel Club. They’re high-energy pets who require a lot of attention and exercise, but, as shown in the posts on this account, they will happily don Wu-Tang-inspired dog clothing and pose for Instagram pictures. Some of the dogs are even named after Wu-Tang members and songs, such as RZA, Ghost Face and Cream.

Woof-Tang Clan..a pack of 7 crazy, loving, dirty, funny, super cool Huskies

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Quality of Pictures

A camera is used for the photos on this account, so be prepared for high-definition and up-close shots of husky snouts and outfits. As is the case with many pet Instagram accounts, a lot of the photos are of the animals dressed up in various attire. Some include the dogs wearing the custom-made Woof Tang clothing (which is for sale in human and pet sizes), while others show some of the huskies wearing bows, New Year hats and Santa hats.

You’ll also see the traditional aspects of a carefree dog life, such as chomping on sticks, getting muddy and licking a big ice cream cone. Enough scrolling through this page and you’ll be yearning to be a member of the group yourself.

Rate of Posts

This account tends to go through a pattern of not posting for a few days, then posting a few images all on one day. However, it should be enough content to provide your Husky fix, especially given how many dogs are featured on the page.

Cuteness of Pet

Huskies have always struck me as some of the best-looking dogs, perhaps because of their resemblance to their wolf ancestors. They can go from looking incredibly stern and stoic to flopping over and looking ridiculous in a matter of seconds. And the fact that there are seven huskies living together is incredible — the owner of this account is living the dream.

The members of the Woof-Tang Clan are almost always wearing a smile on their faces or lounging with their tongues out for photos. They all seem to get along wonderfully, and now I want my own family of rap-appreciating and fashion-friendly huskies.

Rating: 5/5

I love these dogs, and the name alone is what caught my eye at first. The intersection between rap and huskies resulted in the perfect storm for a great account to be conceived.

Dogs rule everything around me (D.R.E.A.M.)


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