As fest season takes over Athens, so do college students clad in various athletic jerseys.

Ohio University students associate the trend of wearing jerseys with the infamous season of fests, but not all partiers holding red Solo Cups and wearing jerseys are out to show support for their favorite team or player.

Carl Fonticella and I set out to discover if festgoers really know about the players they’re sporting — or if the jerseys are just a fashion statement. Check out our video below: 

Much to our surprise, more people knew basic trivia about the player plastered across the back of their jersey than we anticipated.

Jerseys from all over the sports world were seen at Palmer Fest on Saturday — everything from Argentina’s Lionel Messi, to a Toronto Maple Leafs’ Auston Matthews, and many more in between.

Regardless of affiliation, a jersey is a jersey, and we found some of the proudest sports fans making their way down Palmer Street. But don’t be fooled: it’s not always true sports fans wearing the expensive sporting attire.

We were turned away by a few people who were embarrassed to admit that their jerseys were borrowed from friends. But some were shameless, and, while friends egged them on, participated in our quizzes and answered incorrectly.

All in all, we got a healthy mix of festers who knew their stuff, and others who weren’t even sure exactly what jersey they were wearing.