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New Yorkers are putting their dogs in bags — and Twitter is loving it

In October 2016, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City announced that it was banning dogs from the subway unless they fit into a “container." However, the law didn’t stop New Yorkers from finding a way around the new rule. In fact, they started to get pretty creative. 

Twitter has blown up with people sharing pictures of dogs of all sizes in bags. Most people agree that it’s hilarious the lengths people will go to have their K-9 friend with them.

New Yorkers have used everything from dog suitcases to backpacks to fit any size dog. One person even cut holes in an IKEA bag in order to bring her large dog on the subway with her.

Some people are even helping others get their dogs into the bags so they can travel, proving that New Yorkers really are embracing the new rule. 

Many are a bit confused about why the rule was made and who decided a bag was the best way to deter larger dogs from riding the subway.

One person has even put carrying a dog in a bag onto the subway on their bucket list. You can’t lie, you’ve added it to your own bucket list too — I know I have.

Basically, New Yorkers are the best at finding loopholes to rules and deciding that they (and their dogs) will do what they want. 


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