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'Outlander' had several twists this week. (Photo via Outlander Facebook) 

The 5 most shocking moments from Sunday's episode of 'Outlander'

The new episode of Outlander was filled with anger, sadness and a shocking ending. Here are the top five things that happened among the emotions in the new episode.

Frank has a mistress

It was revealed at Claire (Caitriona Balfe)’s medical school graduation party that Frank (Tobias Menzies) had a mistress. Claire was embarrassed in front of her colleagues by Frank’s mistress showing up earlier than expected, which resulted in Claire admitting she wanted a divorce. Frank got mad and refused, as that would have meant he wouldn’t see Brianna (Sophie Skelton) because judges believed children need their mother more than their father. It was made clear Claire didn’t mind Frank had a mistress because it was her idea for them to lead separate lives, but she was still embarrassed he wasn’t discreet about it.

Jamie was a leader, even in prison

When the new governor of the prison, Lord John Grey (David Berry), was introduced, fans saw the old governor suggest Lord John befriend Jamie (Sam Heughan). Lord John’s first attempt at a friendship failed after Jamie stood up for the prisoners. Jamie was even given a nickname of  “Mac Dubh,” which means “son of the black,” as a sign of respect. Jamie’s roots of being a leader led back all the way to the Jacobite rebellion, and fans saw that everyone who meets him instantly respects him.

There’s a missing treasure

The British prison guards found a deranged man that was murmuring multiple languages and believed he was speaking about the lost treasure the Stuarts sent the Jacobites. Lord John had Jamie speak with the man since Jamie spoke both Gaelic and French. The man told Jamie about cursed gold and a white witch, which Claire was once known as. It was clear Jamie was interested in finding out more, leading to him escaping for three days to gather more information about his wife. He didn’t find Claire like he had hoped, but he did find a jewel, which he gave to Lord John. 

Lord John has feelings for Jamie

During one of their dinners and after sharing personal things about each other and loved ones, Lord John caresses Jamie’s hand. Jamie then somehow remains calm, but tells Lord John to remove his hand or else Jamie will kill him. It was clear Lord John was a little bit hurt as he teared up when Jamie quickly left. Also, when the prison was shut down, instead of sending Jamie to the British colonies, he had Jamie sent to work for Lord Dunsany (Rupert Vansittart),  under an alias, which meant Lord John would still be able to see Jamie every few months “to ensure his welfare.”

Frank dies

After a heated argument about Frank wanting to leave Claire and have Brianna come to England with him to start his new life, he died in a car crash. Claire cried and told Frank’s body that she did love him once. This was a very tender moment in which Claire revealed she didn’t hate Frank despite him having a mistress and trying to take Brianna away. Claire only couldn’t ever stop loving Jamie, which made Frank resent her. 

Outlander airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on STARZ


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