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'Outlander' had several twists this week. (Photo via Outlander Facebook) 

Claire isn’t Jamie’s only wife in 'Outlander'

In the latest episode of Outlander, Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) print shop burned down and viewers found out Claire (Caitriona Balfe) is not Jamie’s only wife. Here are the biggest moments from Sunday’s episode of the STARZ show. 

Claire tries to save her attacker 

After Claire was attacked by a man trying to find incriminating documents on Jamie, he fell down and hit his head on stone. Claire, being the dedicated surgeon she is, tried to save the man. When she realized he had a hematoma, she jumped into action and tried to save his life. Jamie urged her to let the man die because after all, he attacked her. Claire continued to operate on her new patient but was unsuccessful on saving him. Jamie revealed he was somewhat happy about the man dying because he was an agent of the crown that was trying to get Jamie into trouble. Claire was still disappointed that she lost a patient, no matter who he was.  

Claire and Jamie discuss their future together

Claire revealed she wanted her and Jamie to find a place of their home because there was no way they could call a brothel a home. Claire said she could work as a healer to earn money for the two because Jamie sent nearly all of his money back home to Lallybroch. Jamie didn’t seem to take Claire’s wishes seriously, claiming they had everything they needed where they were. Claire tried to tell him that she felt good having a patient in town earlier, but the two were interrupted before they could really discuss their future. 

Jamie lies to Ian about where his son is

When Ian (Steven Cree) showed up to the brothel Jamie lived in, he was in search for his son, Young Ian (John Bell), who had run off to Jamie before. Ian was very worried about his son and said his wife, Jenny, was even more worried than he was. When Claire asked Jamie why he lied, Jamie said he was showing him the way the world worked. Jamie also claimed his sister and brother-in-law did not know what was best for Young Ian, causing him and Claire to get into an argument. 

Claire and Jamie argue about parenting 

After arguing about Jamie lying about seeing Young Ian, Jamie revealed that he was a bit bitter about not being able to raise Brianna (Sophie Skelton). He was upset that Claire let her wear a bikini among other things. Claire tried to reason with him that things were different in her time, but Jamie did not care. He was also worried that Claire had fallen back in love with Frank, but Claire explained she didn’t love Frank after she returned. 

Jamie’s print shop burns down 

During a tussle in Jamie’s printshop between Young Ian and Sir Percival's (Paul Brightwell) crony, a fire starts. Sir Percival sent his henchman to find Jamie’s hidden liquor so he could punish him. The crony did not find the liquor, but instead found seditious pamphlets Jamie was printing illegally. Young Ian, trying to defend his uncle, accidentally started a fire that ended up burning down Jamie’s business. Jamie was upset his shop burned down but was relieved he was able to save his nephew from the flames. Claire told Jamie it was time to take Young Ian back to Lallybrock.

Jamie has another wife

At the very end of the episode when Claire and Jamie decided it’s best to go back to Lallybrock, Jamie stepped aside with Fergus (César Domboy) to discuss what all they needed to do before going back home. Fergus showed concern about Claire going back to Lallybrock and revealed that Jamie has another wife. Jamie claimed he would explain everything once they were safe, but he has had many opportunities to reveal the secret to Claire. 

Outlander airs at 9 p.m. on Sundays on STARZ.


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