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Members of Kai's cult were revealed on this week's "American Horror Story" episode. (Photo via American Horror Story Wiki)

TV Recap: The cult gains a shocking new member on ‘American Horror Story’

This week’s episode of American Horror Story: Cult started off with Dr. Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson) attempting to make amends with his brother, Kai (Evan Peters).

After being shot, Kai was upset that he did not come to visit him. His patient, Ally (Sarah Paulson), was the one who wanted to kill him, which Kai makes him feel ashamed of. Not totally agreeing with Kai’s statements, Dr. Vincent instead wants to help his brother.

At Ivy’s (Alison Pill) restaurant, Ivy, Beverly (Adina Porter) and Winter (Billie Lourd) are all catering to Kai’s “new” cult members. They treat them disrespectfully and Ivy is angered that they went from being in the cult to now serving them now that Kai has won a seat in council.

However, during a flashback of the night before at a council meeting, Kai’s power as a politician really shows. Kai is rallying for more police availability on the city streets. One of the councilmen decides to disagree with Kai until he makes a covert threat about his daughter until the motion passes.

Beverly shows her anger too but Winter makes it clear that it would be not be a good idea to get on his bad side. She explains, as his sister, that there is a hidden side to him.

Two years ago, Winter said they were “trolling” a social justice warriors abortion forum. An invitation from a pastor to come to the “Judgement House” pops up on their screen. They make the trek to the house to find the pastor, who calls himself “the watchman,” and says whatever they see inside, they are not allowed to speak of ever again.

The first room they come upon is a nursery with a woman in stirrups, bleeding and begging for help. She claimed to have killed her baby. Kai thinks it is all a joke and some kind of haunted house that they showed up to. He realizes later that it isn’t staged. In the next room, there is a man being filled with drugs of his choice through tubes and is close to his deathbed. Finally, in the last room, a man is being punished for being gay. All of those people are committing some type of alleged sin.

After being saved by Kai, they killed the pastor just like how he was going to kill one of his victims. 

Kai meets with Winter and gives her a very strange proposition — he wanted her to be the mother of his child, the “messiah.” Instead of this being incestuous, Detective Samuels (Colton Haynes) would have sex with her, while Kai has sex with him. The scene definitely depicts that the power he has been given has changed something within Kai on a deeper level.

Ally is back at her house and Dr. Vincent shows up. He tells her that Kai and Winter are related to him. This pieces the puzzle together for Ally — every phobia she has openly talked about to Dr. Vincent was used against her. While Dr. Vincent claims he had not spoken to Kai about anything, he must have broken into his office and found her files. Ally, now angered and upset, claims he is the reason why Oz was taken from her. 

Then, Kai prepared for the “baby messiah,” but Winter was clearly uncomfortable with the situation. As Samuels tries to have sex with her, she stops him and claims she feels like she is about to be raped. Kai is angered as she stands up to him. But, she doesn’t realize what he can do now to punish her because he is so powerful. 

Ally invites Kai over for dinner and tells him that his brother is trying to have him committed. It could be a bad move for Ally, as she did had the upper hand on him now that Dr. Vincent told her about everything.

After standing her ground to her brother, Winter is being punished by picking up trash. Samuels comes by to bring her lunch and calls her his “servant,” which is what Kai told him to do. But, in a flashback, fans see Samuels once had the power in the relationship. He blackmailed Kai for money after learning about his drug dealing. 

One night, Kai went over to his house to give him his share of the money and found him trying to have sex with a woman but having a hard time becoming aroused. She left, and Samuels confided in Kai about how he can get any girl he wants but hasn’t found the right one yet. Kai claims that he doesn’t need a woman because they just take his power away from him. If he has sex with a man, they “build on one another,” which leads to them both making love.

Samuels tells Winter he’s not gay and tries to rape her after all. She snatches his gun from him and shoots him in the head.

Then, Dr. Vincent and Beverly are brought to a cult ritual to be punished. Dr. Vincent tells Kai he promises he is just trying to help. But, Kai believes Ally and ends up killing his brother instead. 

It was Beverly’s turn, and Kai announced that Winter claimed she killed Samuels. Because of that, she betrayed Kai but Beverly said she never got equal partnership.

After giving a speech to the members, he introduced something different — Ally, who revealed herself from the clown mask.

In next week’s episode, viewers may find out if Beverly’s time on American Horror Story will come to an end and if Ivy and Ally will finally make amends or will it be even more awkward now that they are both in the cult.

American Horror Story: Cult airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. 


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