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"American Horror Story: Cult" aired its most gruesome episode yet Tuesday. (Photo via ahsfx Instagram) 

TV Recap: ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ finale features a shocking twist

The season finale of American Horror Story: Cult saw Ally (Sarah Paulson) do a complete 360 in order to take control of her life and the political atmosphere around her.

The episode started off with Kai (Evan Peters) recreating his cult while he is locked away behind bars sometime in 2018 for reasons unknown. 

In one scene, Kai is seen performing his “famous” pinky-swear with one of the female prison guards. Two inmates show up and ask him to come with them, where they proceed to beat up and murder another inmate. Kai is known as the “Divine Ruler,” and Charles Manson (Evan Peters) makes a reappearance and tells Kai to murder the other inmate. 

Later, Kai speaks with a new inmate who wants to join his cult. During this scene, it is learned that Kai has been in prison for 11 months now and has 16 men already recruited into his cult.

Flashback to 11 months earlier and Kai decides to call off the night from the previous episode where he and his cult would murder a thousand pregnant women. Kai claims that it is impossible to murder than many pregnant women, but Ally creates a hit list. He demonstrates to the cult how to correctly murder the women and their babies with watermelons. By committing this crime, Kai is trying to get the attention of women in order for them to react to his antics.

Later in the kitchen, Beverly (Adina Porter) expresses to Ally that she cannot handle being in the cult anymore. She wants Ally to kill her but Ally encourages her to hang on a little longer. Ally has a plan to end the cult while she is still a part of it.

At the end of last week’s episode, one of the cult members was discovered to have been wearing a wire and spying on Kai and his actions. Ally tells Kai that she murdered him while he realizes that he killed Winter (Billie Lourd) for nothing.

As the cult members prepare their brutal rage against pregnant women, Ally leaves the house and makes an excuse that she is going to get snacks. Instead, she actually is working with the FBI to foil Kai’s plan. She tells some FBI agents in an undercover van to go inside the house immediately.

Kai is taken from the house by the FBI. He realizes what Ally has done and tells her he is going to kill her. 

After Kai has been arrested, Ally goes back to trying to live a normal life without Ivy (Alison Pill) and decides to reopen the restaurant. Beverly comes to visit and is wondering why she was never arrested for all the murders she helped Kai commit within the cult. Ally claims she didn’t fit the profile, because she is a black woman in a group of “angry white nationalists.” Ally and Beverly both got away from being accused for any of the cult doings.

Beverly brings up Ivy. She says that Kai took credit for all the murders except hers and that he blamed her murder on Ally. But, Ally continues her lie as she tells her Kai was the one who did it. Also, Ally has a new girlfriend, who is strangely similar to Ivy.

Kai also finds out that he really never was Ozzy’s father, which was the only thing protecting Ally from him. 

The newest cult recruit ends up being a part of Kai’s plan. They get identical tattoos so that he can murder him and make it look as if Kai was the one actually murdered so he can flee the prison. With the prison guard now on his side, she aids him in his escape plan.

Ally decides to run for senate and at her first TV debate, Kai appears as an audience member and tries to kill her with the gun that was given to him by the guard. As he holds it up and pulls the trigger, he quickly finds out it was never loaded. 

It is then revealed that the prison guard was working with Ally all along to take Kai down. Beverly appears from behind and shoots him in the head. She finally gets revenge for all the things he had done to her this season.

The season ends with Ally putting on a green velvet hood. While Bebe Abbott is dead because of Ally, she continues to carry on her legacy of being a member of SCUM. Before the episode ends, Ally is announced as the new senator. Bebe’s dreams for Ally and Kai have finally come true — Ally is the cult leader that Bebe wanted her to be all because Kai had made a woman angry enough to become that leader.

While many thought Cult would be more focused on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, it instead looked more in depth of what those in positions of higher power can be hiding and how it can affect those around them.


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