I’ve had a Twitter since I was in fifth grade. Now, I’m a senior in college who has a lot more to say than I would have 11 years ago. 

Luckily, Twitter has been kind enough to grant us the power to send out blurbs of 280 characters, as opposed to the original 140. That’s two whole tweets for the price of one! Now those angry, online rants that are six tweets long that we have all seen are reduced to a mere three. 

Or, if you’re like me, you’re just excited that you no longer have to choose between cutting out necessary grammar to fit one more word or pushing out a second tweet with a single, lonely word.

While it isn’t completely clear as to why Twitter decided to up this limit (besides the fact that the test groups allegedly felt better with the format), users can’t help but feel #blessed by our benevolent bird-man, Jack Dorsey aka the founder of Twitter.

Even though this lowly meme inspector has only seen sarcastic and ironic uses of the longer tweets, what is starting off as another meme could be incredibly useful in the future on one of the biggest social media platforms right now.

Lucky for Twitter users, the only tweets I have for you are the funny ones. Specifically, some of my favorites. People have found a lot of clever ways to put this feature to use, and there are great possibilities for future uses. Also, I have waited at least four out of eleven years for this opportunity, the 280 characters earn the coveted 5/5 rating, a gold star and a fresh cookie.



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