At its Tuesday night meeting, Ohio University Graduate Student Senate will vote on 11 resolutions, including creating an official stance of GSS. 

Currently, the official voice of undergraduate, graduate, medical and regional campus students is Student Senate, which GSS President Maria Modayil said causes an “identity crisis” among members of the GSS student body.

“It doesn’t say anything about what Student Senate does. Right now we have an overlap and there is uncertainty, and it leads to an identity crisis almost for us,” Modayil said. “From the outside, they don’t know who represents us and what the point of GSS is.”

Three of the four tabled resolutions about internal affairs from the previous meetings were revised and will be voted on at the next meeting. 

GSS will also discuss a resolution passed at the previous Student Senate meeting where they asked GSS to give them speaking rights at their meetings.

“At the next scheduled Graduate Student Senate general body meeting, their body will be deliberating on a resolution about the Student Senate Judicial Panel,” the resolution states. “It is my humble opinion that Student Senate members should be permitted to speak and answer question pertaining to the operation of the Judicial Panel.” 

Body members will also view a presentation from the executive members of GSS about a review of this semester and their initiatives for next semester.


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